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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 105-106

“O thou who has sought shelter in the Impregnable…”

O thou who has sought shelter in the Impregnable Cave!
Verily, the glad-tidings of God have encompassed Abdul-Baha from all directions. While his heart is beating with the love of God, he holds a cup full of the knowledge of God in his right hand and wishes to give the seekers to drink of this wine, so that they may, perchance, be exhilarated with this cup, which is overflowing with the signs of God. 106
Be thou rejoiced at these words, because thou wilt partake of this wine which refreshes hearts and souls.