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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 216-218

“O thou attracted maid-servant of God!…”

O thou attracted maid-servant of God!
Thy letter was received. Thou hast manifested cheerfulness and gladness on account of the news of my happiness. Abdul-Baha hath the glad-tidings of the Kingdom of ABHA. His happiness hath no sorrow in its trail and His life is not followed by any death. To him, prison is a court; to him, a tomb is a spacious palace; to him, a well is the apex of heaven; and to him, manacles and chains are the throne of ether.
If at times he becometh sad, it is not on account of affliction and adversities, but that grief is produced from a word or an act which is against the exhortations and behests of the Blessed Perfection.
For instance: I hope that the believers of God may become the cause of the unity and agreement of the human realm, and suffer other nations and communities of the world to enter under the shade of the Canopy of Oneness. Now, when the news reacheth me that the slightest differences have crept in among the believers of God, I become sad and heartbroken.
The point is this: Afflictions and hardships, ordeals or trials, do not make me weak or faint, nor do they in the slightest degree make me sad or unhappy.
Thou hast written regarding the feast *** I became very happy therefrom. Convey greeting on my behalf to the favored maid-servant of God, ….….. and say: “On that night thy house was the nest and the shelter of the birds of God. The divine melodies and the celestial lyres made that place a feast of heaven and an assembly of the Kingdom. Abdul-Baha was present there in heart and soul and was joyful and happy. Thank thou God.” 217
Announce salutation to Mrs. ….….. and say: “A thousand times, Well done! —that thou art working in the vineyard of the Kingdom and hast arisen to faithfulness and art engaged in the service of His Highness, the Almighty! Thou art helping the helpless ones and art comforting those who are instance.”
Convey respectful greeting to Mrs. ….….. and say: “May thy joy be unending and thy comfort and happiness everlasting! May thy life be eternal and the light of thy thought the heavenly glad-tidings.”
Convey greeting and kindness to the maid-servant of God, ….…., and say: “If thou art desiring an illumined house, enkindle thou therein the lamp of the love of God; and if thou art seeking after a heavenly palace, make thy house the gathering place of the believers of the Merciful One; so that the splendors of the Sun of Truth may cast therein rays spiritual and the harmony of holiness ascend to the Kingdom of ABHA.”
Say to the maid-servant of God! The feast given by Mrs. ….….. became highly acceptable and the respected personages who served in that feast, as did ….….., Mr. ….….., Mrs. ….….. and Mrs. ….….., are in reality worthy of all praise. They were engaged in the duty and the work of Abdul-Baha and have arisen to serve the believers of God.
Convey my greeting to his honor ….….. and say: “Thou didst deliver a wonderful talk on that night. Well done! Well done! That talk was given 218 in the West yet Abdul-Baha became happy from it in the East.”
I congratulate and compliment the maid-servant of God, ….…., in her firmness and steadfastness in the Cause of God. Truly, I say, she is illumined, spiritual, heavenly and celestial. She taketh care of the strangers among the friends and serveth and praiseth the servants of God.
O thou maid-servant of God! Do not be slow in the study of the Persian language and be thou engaged in the service.