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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 220-223

“O thou herald of the Kingdom!…”

O thou herald of the Kingdom!
Thou wast not alone in the trip that thou didst undertake in various places. The spirit and soul of Abdul-Baha was with thee. Although thou hast been afflicted with many and severe persecutions, hast heard derision, scorn and contempt and observed the opposition of the heedless ones, yet this is conducive to thy glory, that thou hast been made a target for the arrow 221 of opposition in the Path of God and hast drunk the cup of affliction. Consider this, how many a calamity was submitted to by those sanctified souls in bygone ages and to how many sufferings they were resigned! Thou also must endure dire oppression and ordeals in the Path of ABHA and maintain the feet of steadfastness and firmness. Then thou shalt behold the confirmation of God surrounding thee. Rejoice thou and be happy that thou hast attained to this station and walked in the footsteps of the holy souls.
Announce on my behalf longing greeting to Mr. ….…. and say, “The melody of the Kingdom is that which hath caused the motion of the universe; the musk-diffusing fragrance of the rose-garden of God is that which hath perfumed the nostrils; and the reflection of the Sun of Truth is that which hath illumined the whole earth. Now is the beginning of illumination! Therefore, the people of darkness imagine that they can oppose (this Revelation); yet, ere long they shall find themselves in loss and consternation! They shall observe that the power of the Word of God hath subdued East and West. Be thou not sad and dispirited on account of the opposition of the heedless ones. Soon they shall regret sorely. Reflect thou how the Pharisees persecuted and looked down in contempt upon His Holiness the Christ. The result was that His lamp became ignited, His light began to shine and His followers sparkled like unto the stars from the horizon of existence; and the consequence to the Pharisees was the pangs of remorse and regrets.”
Convey, also, greeting to the maid-servant of God, Mrs. ….…. and say, “Thy house is the nest and 222 the shelter of this heavenly bird. Undoubtedly, thou must enkindle the lights of the Kingdom therein.”
Likewise convey respectful greeting on my behalf to Mrs. ….…. and say, “I ask God that thy house may become the gathering-place of the spiritual ones and the assembly of the godly ones; that the light of Truth may shine therein and make it brilliant and resplendent.”
Also convey longing greeting to Mr. ….…. and say, “Those souls who, in the time of His Highness Christ, turned their faces toward the Kingdom and quaffed the wine of guidance from the cup of the Word of God, had their troubles changed into everlasting bliss. No matter how much they heard the rebuke of the heedless ones, observed the censure of the relatives, were afflicted with the injury of the oppressors and thrown into abjection, yet that ignominy finally became eternal glory. Thou must show the utmost love and kindness towards the heedless ones and the oppressors and ask from God forgiveness and pardon for them, for they are ignorant. If they understood, they would not oppress; nay, rather would they arise (to serve the Cause) with faithfulness.”
Announce, also, respectful greeting from me to Mrs. ….…. and Mrs. ….…. and say, “The sons of the Kingdom are scattered throughout the whole world, but the ignorant Pharisees have arisen with the utmost hatred instigating persecutions. They imagine that persecution and suffering will hinder the promulgation of the Cause; whereas no rampart is able to obstruct the descent of the waves of the Most Great Sea; no veil can conceal the rays of the Sun of Truth; no wall can stay 223 the wafting of the Divine Breeze; and no power is able to resist the Spirit of God. Be ye not sad nor dejected on account of the disturbance and uproar of the people of desire and passion. Ere long the symphony of the Kingdom shall silence all the other noises. Rest ye assured and illumine your house with the lights of divine commemoration.”
Give my greeting to Mr. ….…. and announce to him, “Caiaphas and Annas were the colossal pillars of the Mosaic Dispensation in the day of His Highness the Spirit; but as they did not acknowledge the Word of God, they fell from the apex of glory to the bottom of the pit of the greatest abasement. But Peter was a catcher of fish; as he turned his face toward the Word of God, the fame of his imperishable, deathless and immortal glory encircled East and West; and he found in the sovereignty of the Kingdom, eternal and everlasting majesty. It is the same in these days.”