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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 224-226

“O thou beloved and benevolent daughter of the Kingdom…”

O thou beloved and benevolent daughter of the Kingdom of God!
The letter which thou hast written was received. I read it with the utmost love; thy services became known and thy forbearance in the afflictions became evident and manifest. Happy is thy condition, for thou art spending thy days in heralding the Kingdom and art crying, “O ye concourse of men! Make ye straight the path; walk ye in the direct road!” Thou hast abandoned ease and accepted thousands of hardships and traveled for the purpose of promoting the Word of God.
Convey on my behalf love to Mrs. ….…. and say, “Praise be to God, thou art set aglow with the fire of the Love of God and hast arisen in the service of the Cause of God.”
Announce my affection to the maid-servant, ……. and say, “Thank thou God that thou hast become related to the Kingdom and art an object of the favors of the Lord of Might.”
Gladden the heart of Mrs. ….…. by the divine glad-tidings and say, “Be thou like unto a bird and unweariedly soar upward until thou reachest the Supreme Apex.”
Say thou to Mr. ….…., “When engaged in useless service the end is loss within loss. Therefore, serve thou the Lord of the Kingdom, which in the end is profit within profit.” 225
Announce my respectful greeting to Mrs. ….…. and her daughter and say, “Thank ye God that ye have illumined faces with the light of Guidance and ye have perfumed the nostrils with the holy fragrances of the rose-garden of the Kingdom of ABHA.”
Proclaim the glad-tidings of the bounty of the Almighty to Mrs. ….…. and deliver my respectful greeting to Mrs. ….…. and say, “In the churches turn thy face toward the Kingdom of ABHA and supplicate the help of the Holy Spirit, and, with a detached heart, begin to talk.”
Convey respectful greeting to Mr. and Mrs. ….….. and say, “Be ye thankful to God that your house became the nest of the birds of the divine garden and the shelter of the flocks of heaven. They sit together, read the holy Tablets, are engage din the commemoration of the True One and strive and endeavor to promote the Word of God.”
O thou maid-servant of God, Mrs. ….……! Regarding the star with five points, thou hast made an excellent comparison.
O thou maid-servant of God! If it is possible, change the meeting of every nineteen days into a feast. ***
O thou maid-servant of God! Those fishes which thou hast seen in the vision are the souls who are swimming in the sea of this nether world. God willing, thou wilt bring them out of the nether world, with the net of the love of God, into the immensity of the kingdom. Those brilliant stars which thou hast beheld are the children of the Kingdom. That brilliant crescent is the Cause of God. The appearance of His Highness 226 Christ and His white robe and resplendent light in His blessed face is the proof of the power and the promulgation of the Word of God in America.
Therefore, it is the same thing which I said: “The night is drawing nigh and then no one can work.” Consequently, one must hasten to perform something and show forth exertion.