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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 383-385

“O thou peerless, matchless, glorious martyr!…”

O thou peerless, matchless, glorious martyr! 1
Verily, I salute thy pure dust, and thy holy, blessed tomb, which is perfumed by the fragrances of sanctity 384 which are blowing upon thee from the Supreme Concourse, and the lights which are cast upon thee from the Kingdom of El-Abha, and the copious rain which purifieth thy fragrant plain, and say: “Upon thee be El-Baha! Upon thee be mercy, O thou lamp ignited with the fire of the love of God, irradiated with the ray of the gift of God, and aflame in the glass of the knowledge of God! Thou art he who hath drunk the cup of sacrifice, hath expended his life in the path of God, and hath shed his blood on the earth in love for the Beauty of God. For they did not appreciate thy merit, denied thy dignity, were veiled from beholding the gift of thy Lord, and supposed themselves to be just. No! By no means!
“Punishment is for such as persecuted thee, hell is for such as rejected thee, fire is for such as sentenced thee to death, infernal flame be for such as betrayed thee, and the hellish gulf is for such as shed thy blood with impunity! And paradise is for such as love thee, heaven is for such as serve thee, the everlasting abode is for such as visit (thy tomb)!
“Upon thee be El-Baha! Upon thee be greeting and praise, O thou who hast suffered martyrdom in the path of God, and art submerged in the ocean of the mercy of God!
“Blessed are the nostrils which will be perfumed by the scent of thy brilliant spot! Blessed are the eyes which will be illumined by the ray which is being cast upon thee from the bounty of the Kingdom of El-Abha!
“I beg of God to make thy sepulchre a mine of mercy, a depository of gifts, and to encompass it with 385 manifest signs. Verily, He is the Beneficent! the Giver! Verily, He is gracious, and showeth great favor toward martyrs, and He is the Bestower, the Generous!”
1. For recitation when visiting the tomb of his honor Aka-Seyed-Jaffar, of Isfand-Abad, Persia, who suffered martyrdom in 1901. When he would not recant, Mulla Abdul-Kani, the chief religious magistrate of the locality, turned him over to three different men for execution, and when each refused to carry out the order, the Mulla struck him on the head with a stone, and, with the assistance of another Mulla, put him to death.   [ Back To Reference]