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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 395-404

“Glory be unto Thee, O Thou whose mercy hath encompassed…”

1 Glory be unto Thee, O Thou whose mercy hath encompassed all things, whose gift is made perfect, whose power hath encircled the world, whose proof is demonstrated, whose signs have become manifest, whose words are promulgated, whose arguments are established and whose ensigns are hoisted! Praise be unto Thee for that which Thou hast bestowed! Thanks be unto Thee for that which Thou hast granted! Glorification behooveth Thee for Thou hast manifested Thyself! Glory be unto Thee Glory be unto Thee! How inaccessible is Thy station! How manifest is Thy proof and how all-embracing is Thy munificence!
Verily the dark night hath been spreading its wings over all the regions and the face of the heaven and earth was hidden behind the clouds of inky gloom and blackness—wherefore the sights were veiled from beholding the most great signs and inner perceptions were blinded 396 and unable to find the fire of divine guidance; souls were wandering in the desert of error and heedlessness and the possessors of intelligence were lost in the wilderness of amazement and skepticism, crying and weeping as a mother bereft of her babe—bewailing and lamenting like unto a thirsty one in the midst of a vast and boundless Sahara!
But through Thy greatest bounty, the glorious dawn broke and the lightning of guidance flashed from the Supreme Horizon upon the face of heaven! Then the First Point (the Bab) appeared among mankind with the glad-tidings of Thy Manifestation, the fragrances of Thy Holiness and the verses of Thy Singleness, spreading Thy good news, heralding Thy Name, declaring and praising Thee in numerous epistles!
Thine is favor for this gift which hath cheered the souls of the pure ones! Thine is generosity for Thou hast enabled every righteous and devoted one to adore Thee by causing the Sun of Truth to shine upon all the regions of existence! Thine is glory and excellence! Thine is power and beauty! Thine is sovereignty and authority! Thine is dominion and kingdom! Thine is exaltation and omnipresence! Thine is divinity and lordship! For thou hast manifested Thy bounty from the horizon of emanation, rent asunder the veil and raised the covering from Thy illumined countenance in the promised day and shone forth upon the world of being with the rays gleaming from the dawn of revelation!
Then the “Resurrection” appeared, the “Day of Judgment” became manifest, the “earth” heaved and shook, the “mountains” were levelled, the “seas” boiled, 397 the “sun” was eclipsed, the “luminaries” were darkened, the “stars” scattered, the “signs” became known, the “bridge” expanded, the “conditions” were fulfilled, the “balance” was set up, the “fire” burned fiercely and the “paradise” became begemmed!—wherefore the devoted ones entered into delectable gardens with beatitude and the veiled ones were left to amuse themselves with their own imaginations; the possessors of perception beheld the lights and those whose eyes were weak vanished in gloomy darkness before the appearance of the mid-day Sun!
Then those whose ears were unstopped and open rejoiced in listening to the call, while the deaf (or ignorant) were astonished , crying out, “What is the cause of this acclamation and rejoicing?” Then the fluent speakers loosened their tongues in thanksgiving and glorification, while the dumb became as hard and lifeless stones; then the souls were purified, the hearts were attracted, the breasts were dilated, the characters were sanctified, the secret thoughts became manifest and the realities stepped into the arena of existence; they sought illumination, were guided, became ablaze, enflamed and enkindled, called forth and proclaimed, saying:
“Glad-tidings be unto the righteous ones! Rejoicing be unto the perceiving ones! Happiness be unto the favored ones! Joy be unto the yearning ones! Cheerfulness be unto the attracted ones! Exhilaration be unto the longing ones!
Glory be unto Him who hath arisen from the Brightest Dawn!
Glory be unto Him who hath shone forth the Manifest Light! 398
Glory be unto Him who showered Glorious Outpourings upon the contingent beings!
Glory be unto Him who illumined the Supreme Horizon with such a Radiance by which the gloom of the dark night hath been dispelled!
Glory be unto Him who causeth to descend the Food from heaven!
Glory be unto Him who causeth the Running Spring to gush forth from the rugged cliff!
Glory be unto Him who poured down the Pure Water from on high!
Glory be unto Him who allayed the thirst of the devoted ones with the Cup which is mixed with Camphire! 2
Glory be unto Him who developed the barren and sterile ground into fruitfulness!
Glory be unto Him who hath produced growth in the adjoining fields of various natures!
Glory be unto Him who irrigated them with the same waters gushing forth from that Fountain!
Glory be unto Him who adorned the delectable gardens with all kinds of delicate and delicious fruits!
Glory be unto Him who ushered in the Emanation of the new creation!
Glory be unto Him who hath brought forth the Day of Retribution!
Glory be unto Him who granted Life unto the contingent Beings!
Glory be unto Him who created the Existence!
Glory be unto Him who extended forth the Path! 399
Glory be unto Him who made clear the Way!
Glory be unto Him who appeared in the Most Wonderful Age!
Glory be unto the Founder of this New Epoch!
Then thanks be unto Thee, O my God, for these Gifts and praise be unto Thee, O my Beloved, for this Eminent Bounty! Verily Thou art the Merciful of the Most Merciful!”
O ye merciful friends of Abdul-Baha! At this moment a letter hath been received from America containing the good news that that region of the Occident hath become the Orient; that is, in that region the rays of the Sun of Truth have appeared and shone forth with such penetration that the bright light of the morn of guidance hath dawned and every longing one hath attained to the desire of this heart, and that the melody of the Kingdom of Abha ascends continuously to the Supreme Concourse and the soul-refreshing strains of “Ya Baha El-Abha!” reach the ears of the peoples and communities of that country.
According to what they have written, they have celebrated the day of the “Birth anniversary” in twenty-four cities by giving public feasts and beautiful receptions. They have spent that day in the utmost joy and happiness, they have sent out general invitations, spread the table of gifts, engaged in the commemoration of the True One and in imparting glad-tidings to each other. Likewise, letters of congratulation and felicitation have been received from these twenty-four cities and assemblies. Consider ye what influence the penetrative power of the Word of God hath displayed in existence and how the universe is stirred and moved 400 through it! How in America on the “Birth anniversary” such feasting and banqueting is prepared! How the remote ones have become the near ones and how the customs and habits of the East are spread abroad! This is the penetrative power of the Word of God and this is the might of the subduing desire of God!
O ye friends of God and maid-servants of the Merciful! His honor Ameen 3 hath mentioned you with the highest praise and commendation, saying that, thank God, the believers in all parts of the cities and towns are the manifestations of bounties and the dawning-places of justice and equity; are mindful, obedient, kind-hearted and steadfast; are engaged in reading the verses and occupied with spreading the signs; are in the utmost ecstasy and exhilaration and intoxicated with the pure wine; are active in praising and adoring the Most Great Name and intimate in paying homage to the Holy Threshold; are living in accord with the divine teachings and exhortations and are in every way endowed with all human excellences and attributes; that they are in the utmost unity and agreement and in great zeal and enthusiasm; are kind to every soul and treat all the communities with exceeding joy and fragrance; that they have sympathy even for the enemies and are faithful friends even to the unjust; that to the outsiders they are as relatives and to the strangers they are a swift-healing antidote instead of a poisonous sting; are the servants of the world of humanity and manifestors of the attributes of the Merciful One! Blessed are they for this testimony, which is expressive of the beauty of their characters and the merit of their 401 virtues! Truly, I say, his honor Ameen is the well-wisher of all. In the day of the Manifestation he was the Ameen (Faithful) of the Blessed perfection 4 and in the days of the Covenant 5 he is the confidant of this yearning one. Therefore, his testimony is heard and accepted and his evidence is praised and beloved.
O ye beloved of God! According to what is heard, some of the ulemas of the Sheite sect (Persian moslem mullas), as well as some leaders of the Shekhei school, are engaged constantly in instigating revolts and have arisen against the government with enmity and opposition, confusing the affairs of the state more than before.
Praise be to God! 6 What is this heedlessness and ignorance and what is this antagonism and insubordination! Verily, the Persian empire hath been at all times deprived of every bounty on account of the encroaching influence of the ritualistic mullas! Whenever that just government conceived a good intention to introduce reforms and amelioration of conditions, these ignorant leaders raised vehement opposition, protested severely and prevented the introduction of measures which would better conditions and spread culture and progress. One must be just. The intention of His Imperial Majesty is higher and purer than all the other leaders and chiefs, for the sole desire of the throne is the peace and security of the inhabitants and the cultivation and betterment of the conditions of the empire. But alas! they do not give a moment’s rest to the kind Padeshah, in order that he may voluntarily and of his own accord inaugurate reforms as much as may be warranted by circumstances. 402
However, the inhabitants of Persia are not the only ones who are afflicted with this ignorance and blindness. The people of the imperial Ottoman government are also in a state of the utmost ignorance and blindness. Diversity of opinions and ignorance of factions do not allow one breath of tranquility to the imperial government, in order that it may adjust internal conditions and rectify foreign relations. Yet, under all these conditions, His Imperial Majesty the Padeshah f the Ottomans is intelligently directing the affairs. The proof and testimony of this assertion is the protection afforded these exiled ones (in Acca) from the rebellious despotism of the enemies. If authority were in the people’s hands or in other hands than those of the government, the conspiracies and seditions of inside and outside enemies would have scattered even the ashes of this imprisoned one to the winds. But the forebearance, intelligence, foresight, far-reaching wisdom and discernment of His Imperial Majesty the Padeshah of the Ottomans have so far protected these exiled ones, notwithstanding the attacks of the calumniators and the party of the slanderers. We are of those who pray for these two just kings and are grateful to these two equitable sovereigns.
Praise be unto God! One of the imputations of the enemies is this: That—we seek refuge in God—we deny the validity and truth of the Sun of Guidance, the Lamp of the Supreme Concourse, the messenger of the Almighty, His Highness Mohammed Mostafa—upon Him be greeting and praise!—and that—God forbid! —we have written books in His refutation. Woe unto those who have arisen to spread this great falsehood 403 and calumny! However, all the friends of God who are informed of the mysteries know that this exiled and imprisoned one would readily sacrifice his life at the dust of the Prophet’s feet. Furthermore, the Blessed Perfection—may my life be a sacrifice to His beloved ones—in the book of Ighan, hath established with invincible proofs and clear arguments the prophethood of His Highness the Messenger—may my life be a sacrifice to Him!—and also His Highness the Supreme (the Bab) hath invoked Him (Mohammed) in many supplications. Notwithstanding all these evidences, the unjust ones are crying out and secretly spreading the falsehood that we—God forbid!—are His deniers and the unfaithful friends (nakzeen) acknowledge these erroneous imputations. Praise be to God! If we deny the messengers and prophets of God, what have we to say for ourselves? Glory be unto Thee, O my God! Verily this is a great calumny!
To be brief, the aim is this: Though the interference of the ignorant and fanatical leaders the country of Persia is in a state of decadence, although the pure intention of His Imperial Majesty the crowned Shah is for progress. However, ye who are the well-wishers of the government and are sincere, obedient and kind toward it, be ye engaged always in service. Should any one of you enter into the service (or employment) of the government, he must live and act with the utmost truthfulness, righteousness, chastity, uprightness, purity, sanctity, justice and equity. But if—I seek refuge in God—any one betray the least of trusts or neglect and be remiss in the performance of duties which are intrusted to him, or by oppression takes one penny 404 of extortion from the subjects, or seeks after his own personal, selfish aims and ends in the attainment of his own interests, he shall undoubtedly remain deprived of the outpourings of His Highness the Almighty! Beware! Beware! lest ye fall short in that which ye are commanded in this Tablet!
1. This Tablet is to the believers throughout Persia. Copy sent in bore no opening line of address.   [ Back To Reference]
2. One of the Fountains of Paradise mentioned in the Koran.   [ Back To Reference]
3. One of the teachers of the Bahai Revelation in Persia.   [ Back To Reference]
4. Baha’o’llah.   [ Back To Reference]
5. Abdul-Baha.   [ Back To Reference]
6. An expression of astonishment.   [ Back To Reference]