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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 420-423

“O thou bearer of the Great-tidings of the Kingdom of…”

O thou bearer of the Great-tidings of the Kingdom of God!
Thy letter *** was received. It contained the good news of the assemblage of the beloved ones, of the Meeting of Faithfulness which was held, the joy and fragrance obtained, the appearance of the lights of the love of the Beauty of Abha, and the good news that the breasts of the beloved ones were dilated (with joy). This news caused such joy that our afflictions, sufferings and calamities were wholly forgotten, a new carpet was 421 spread and a great joy attained with the utmost exaltation! For Abdul-Baha serves with all devotion in order that union and affection may be created among the beloved of God; nay, in the whole of the human world.
My utmost hope and wish is to find that an assemblage hath been arranged which hath become the cause of love and affection in the world of humanity which announceth the glad-tidings of the Kingdom of Abha, diffuseth the fragrances of the love of God, setteth the pillars of the world in motion through the power of divine guidance, and is quickening the dead through the spirit of divine knowledge!
O dear friend! The darkness of error hath encompassed the world; it is now the time to spread the light of guidance. The world hath wholly become the tomb of the dead; it is now time that it shall be transformed into palaces of the living. The East and the West have become a thorny desert of oppression; it is time they should become a rose-garden of faithfulness.
You have written concerning the Feast 1 of Remembrance which you arranged after the Persian manner, at which Mr. ….…. and Mr. ….…. engaged in serving the beloved ones like unto Abdul-Baha: This arrangement of festivities and affection, chanting of Tablets, explaining realities and significances, and this inculcating of the teachings and exhortations of Abdul-Baha causeth everlasting life and maketh the hearers as heavenly angels.
Whenever such an entertainment is arranged through spiritual sentiments, shining faces and merciful hearts, 422 it is a “Lord’s Supper.” For the brilliancy of the Kingdom of Abha will shine and the spirituality of Abdul-Baha become manifest. This is that “divine table” (or food) of which mention is made in the prophecies: “On that day they shall gather together at the divine table”; and “people shall come from the East and West and arrive in His Kingdom.”
Convey loving greetings to his honor ….…. and say: “O dear one! The heart of Abdul-Baha greatly rejoiceth at thy reading of the Tablets and Words at the meetings of the merciful ones! I beg of God, that in all assemblages thou mayest cause happiness unto the hearts of the friends and bestow joy and fragrance!”
Announce to his honor ….….. my love and longing (for him) and say: “That Power which strengthened the apostles is now in full confirmation. I hope thou wilt receive an abundant portion from that confirmation.”
Announce the utmost love from Abdul-Baha to his honor ….…. and say: “O thou friend of my heart! The heavenly food is needed successively; be thou a server of the food and direct thou the people of the world to present themselves at that table and guide them to partake thereof.”
Convey greetings and respect from Abdul-Baha to the esteemed maid-servant of God, ….…., and say: “Thou art always in our midst and art not forgotten, even for a moment. I beg the Beauty of Abha for confirmation in thy behalf. It is some time since, by the dust of calamities and occupation of mind, the correspondence hath been delayed; but there is no harm in 423 that. For my heart is engaged in prayer and I beg for confirmation in thy behalf.”
Convey on my behalf, greetings and respect to the invoking maid-servant of God, ….…., and say: “Thank thou God for thou hast arrived at the Holy City and at the Heavenly Jerusalem and hast found thy way to the Divine City and entered the Kingdom of Abha!”
O thou real friend! O Mr. ….….! Seek not a single minute of rest and do not keep still. Travel more and more in cities and villages. Bear the glad-tidings and guide them. Strengthen the beloved (i.e., believers) and open the eye of perception of the strangers (those who do not believe).
As to chanting supplications in the Oriental tune, this is very agreeable. His honor ….…. must exert his endeavors in this matter.
In reality the friends of God are always present in my society and are associated with the friends of God in the Sacred Spot; even though they be in the remotest lands of the earth.
O thou real friend! Such entertainments are always necessary, for they cause the increase of love, unity and harmony in the friends of God. Bring about (such entertainments) by all means.
1. Feast of Remembrance or Meeting of Faithfulness, held every nineteen days.   [ Back To Reference]