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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 626-627

“O thou favored maid-servant of the Kingdom of God!…”

O thou favored maid-servant of the Kingdom of God!
The letter, which thou hast written, was received. Its contents evinced high aspiration and rare magnanimity; and that thou hast the intention to travel to the far-eastern countries and bear great trouble, so that thou mayest become the cause of the guidance of the souls and spread the glad-tidings of the Kingdom of God. This desire indicateth that the beloved maid-servant of God hath a very high aim. However, thou mayest deliver the glad-tidings in the following manner:
“The Promised One of all the nations of the world hath become apparent and manifest! Each community and religion expecteth the coming of their Promised One, and His Highness Baha’o’llah is the Promised One of all! Therefore, the Cause of Baha’o’llah is conductive to harmony, raiseth the canopy of the oneness of the kingdom of humanity upon the apex of the contingent beings and unfurleth the ensign of universal brotherhood and ideal commonwealth upon the summit of the hills and mountains!”
When thou openest thy tongue with such glad-tidings, it will become conducive to the teaching of others. But this trip is indeed very remote and unless there are several [teachers], the delivery of the glad-tidings will not produce the desired results in those parts. Shouldst thou deem it advisable, thou mayest take a trip to Persia and on thy return pass by Japan and China. This plan seems much better and more pleasant. Otherwise, thou mayest act according to thy judgment and it will be acceptable.
The contribution that thou hast made to the Temple is beloved. The Temple is the most great foundation 627 of the world of humanity and it hath many branches. Although the Temple is the place of worship, with it is connected a hospital, pharmacy, pilgrims’ house, school for the orphans, and a university for the study of high sciences. Every Temple is connected with these five things. I hope that now in America they will build a Temple and gradually add to it the hospital, school, university, pharmacy and pilgrims’ house with the utmost efficiency and thoroughness. Thou shouldst make known to the believers these details, so that they may realize how important the Temple is. The Temple is not only a place for worship; nay, it is perfect in every way.
O thou beloved maid-servant of God! Didst thou know what station is destined and appointed, under the protection of His Highness Baha’o’llah, for those souls who are severed, attracted and teachers of truth, undoubtedly thou shouldst find the utmost joy and happiness, and, by reason of exultation and rejoicing, soar toward the heaven of peace, inasmuch as thou art walking in this road and advancing toward such a Kingdom.
Regarding the statement that I have written to thee, about dedicating thyself to the service of the Cause of God, it means this: Center thy thoughts in the teachings of the Cause, day and night, and act according to the teachings and behests of His Highness Baha’o’llah. This is not contrary to marriage. It is possible for thee to be married and be engaged in the service of the Cause of God. The first does not interfere with the latter.
Briefly, avail thyself of the opportunity and do not let it slip from thy grasp; i.e., supplicate God that in this darkened world thou mayest become an ignited candle and the cause of the guidance of many souls.