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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 645-647

“O my spiritual friends!…”

O my spiritual friends! 1
What you have written is perused, all of which was an entreaty and invocation unto God and a desire for devotion unto the Most High. I hope through the bounty of God, day by day, your assurance, belief and faith will increase; moment by moment the flame of the love of God will be intensified; louder and louder 646 will the proclamation of the Word of God be heard in that country; the breeze of sanctity will begin to blow; the attraction of the inner consciousness will cause these districts to be animated; the mercy and aid of God will be your associates and the assistance from the Kingdom of compassion will be momentarily bestowed. Now is the time for those spiritual friends, (i.e., yourselves,) to adorn the divine meetings, endeavor to spread the Cause of God, arise to diffuse His breaths and stand for the promotion of His Word; that the breath of the Holy Spirit may bestow life to the hearts, causing the spirits to attain the Beloved.
The letter you have previously written is not yet received; if it were you may be sure it would be answered, because this servant hath great love and attachment for the believers in that city and will always communicate with them.
O Thou pitiful God! These friends are perfectly infatuated with Thy nearness; they have given their hearts for the beauty of Thy face; are devoted to Thy Kingdom and are intoxicated by the wine of belief. In the meeting of the covenant they are bearing in their hands the cup of anxiety, needing Thy benevolence and yearning for the heavenly blessings.
O Mighty Creator! Cause these souls to be the receptacle of Thy mercy, regarded by divine attention, and render each one as a lighted candle, that they may illuminate that region with the light of righteousness. Make them the companions of and partaker with this servant [Abdul-Baha] in the devotion of Thy Threshold. O my God! Strengthen the weak ones and open the eyes of those who are anxious to behold the 647 beauty of the Kingdom, that they may arise with divine strength, heavenly bounty, spiritual blessing, ethereal breaths and mighty assistance for Thy service, dispelling the superstitions of the doubters, elucidating the proofs and evidences before all seekers, healing the sick, being kind to the poor, a refuge and home for the helpless and a light for the hopeless.
Thou art the Powerful and the Able, the Pitiful and Compassionate God!
O my friends! Endeavor to your utmost ability that, day by day, unity and harmony will increase and the love of God will so firmly capture the hearts that they will forget all save Him and be engrossed, night and day, in mentioning the Kingdom, the heavenly signs and the divine verses. If love, friendship, association and unity be established among the believers, the door of all significances will be opened and each believer of God will be able to explain and interpret all of the holy Books.
O believers! The tests of God are very severe; you should beseech and cry unto Him that you may be firm and steadfast during all temptations.
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