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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 718-719

“O thou candle of the Love of God!…”

O thou candle of the Love of God!
What thou hast written was considered. The contents were spiritual and the sentiments merciful. Praise be to God! that thou art attracted to the Beauty of Abha and severed from the world. Thy face hast glowed like unto fire and thou hast consumed the veils of superstitions. Thou hast opened thine eyes to the Sun of Truth and inhaled the fragrant odor from the garment of the divine Joseph. Thy mission now is this: Travel as much as possible to different parts in America, pass through cities and villages (or towns), guide all to the Beauty of Abha and raise the call of the Kingdom and say: “O greatest of glad-tidings, for the Sun of Truth of the Beauty of Abha hath dawned from the horizon of the contingent world and illumined the regions with the lights of the mightiest guidance! The reality of the Pentateuch and the Gospel have become manifest and the mysteries of the heavenly Books have appeared! Now is the age of the Merciful One and the time of joy and gladness! O ye heedless ones, be ye conscious! O ye sleepers, be ye awake! O ye blind ones, see! O ye deaf ones, hear! O ye dumb ones, speak! O ye dead ones, be quickened! O ye destitute ones, receive a portion and share! It is the irradiation of the Merciful One and the moving of the boundless sea! It is the bounty of the wonderful springtime and 719 the downpour of the rain of the gift of the Great Lord!” This is thy mission.
Send greeting to the maid-servant fo God, Miss ….…., and say, “As the love of God hath the utmost penetration in thy heart, the ring-stone bearing the Greatest Name will take effect in thy heart like unto a strong wine, for capacity is great and the power of the wine is intense. Therefore, there wilt not remain any power or resistance.” 1
Looking upon the picture which thou hast sent caused great delight, joy and fragrance. God willing, thine actual picture (or form) will also become present (here).
When thou wert present at Acca, the seeds of the love of God were sown in thy heart, through the power of the Spirit. At that time they were not so much manifest. Now that pure seed is growing more verdant and refreshed, day by day, and becometh more manifest. This is why thou findest thyself possessing more and more spiritual sentiments.
1. I.e., the power of the spiritual wine of truth will make her conscious of all else save the love of God.—Translator.   [ Back To Reference]