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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 152-153

“O thou who art firm in the Covenant!…”

O thou who art firm in the Covenant!
The letter which thou hast written to his honor, Mirza ……, was received. Its contents imparted the utmost happiness. Thank God that thou hast crossed the ocean of the East and the West, reached to the Goal of Desire and attained to the visit of the Holy Threshold.
Although the length of thy stay in this Most Great Prison was very short, yet I hope that it may become like unto the oil, which no sooner comes in touch with 153 the fire than it becomes ignited. Therefore, God willing, important results will be the outcome of this visit.
O thou who are firm in the Covenant! Be thou firm in the Cause and be engaged in service. Awaken the souls and make mindful the (heedless) minds. The spiritual outpouring will become uninterrupted and the meetings of heart to heart constant. Rest thou assured upon the favor and bounty of the Beauty of ABHA.
I became very sad upon hearing the news of the death of Mr. ……, but I implored and entreated the Threshold of Oneness and sought mercy in his behalf. Convey my greeting and love to his son and say: “Do thou not lament on account of the death of thy father. Trust thou in God. Rely upon the Kingdom of ABHA. That father of thine hastened to the world of immortality and took a share from the realm of the Merciful and with the utmost joy hath attained to eternal life in the everlasting universe. Walk thou also in the footsteps of thy father and be characterized with his attributes and qualities. Enkindle thou his lamp and fructify his garden, so that thou mayest become his real son and worthy of the favors and gift of the Almighty.”***