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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 283-286

“O thou who art attracted to the Fragrances of the…”

O thou who art attracted to the Fragrances of the Garden of the Covenant and art speaking the praise of the Orb of the Universe!
Know thou, verily, I read thy letter which expressed the commemoration of thy Lord, the Great, and indicated that the fire of the love of God is ablaze in thy heart and in the soul of the sincere ones. Truly I say unto thee, verily thy magnificent letter was as one of the melodies of the birds of holiness in the wonderful garden. Verily the hearts of the Supreme Concourse are dilated with the songs which thou hast warbled on the Blessed Tree in the Exalted Paradise.
O maid-servant of God! Verily Abdul-Baha was with you in Green Acre in his spirit, soul and in all 284 of his spiritual grades, and he was your companion in your meetings and was bearing unto you, with his spiritual tongue, the glad-tidings of the divine splendors which shall be poured forth upon you from the Kingdom of God, in a short time.
O maid-servant of God! Be rejoiced at this glad-tidings whereby the hearts of the people of the Kingdom of El-Abha are moved with joy. Verily I beseech God to make Green Acre as the paradise of El-Abha, so that the melodies of the nightingale of sanctity may be heard from it and that the chanting of the verses of unity may be raised therein; to cause the clouds of the great gift to pour upon it the rains falling from heaven; to make those countries become verdant with the myrtles of truth and inner significances and to plant therein blessed trees, with the hand of Providence, which may bring forth pure and excellent fruits wherefrom the fragrances of God may be diffused throughout all regions. These signs shall surely appear and these lights shall shine forth.
O maid-servant of God, the Merciful! It is incumbent upon you to unveil the covering and to witness the Beauty of the Almighty! Ye shall surely see the lights rising in those parts, as ye have already seen them. Ye shall surely behold a Pillar of Fire extending upward to the Supreme Apex and it will call unto you with the most wonderful expression and will address you, saying:
“I am the Ancient Light! I am the Lord of the Exalted Kingdom! I am the Star shining forth unto the horizon of the hearts of the people of Oneness!”
O maid-servant of God! Be tranquil in heart and be enkindled with the fire ignited in the Blessed Tree—an 285 enkindlement which may cause a fire to blaze in the inanimate hearts in those regions.
O maid-servant of God! Be not disheartened if thou hearest the murmuring of the deniers, the clamor of the hypocrites, the shouting of the contradictors, the barking of the furious, harmful dogs, in those climes. Remember the persecutions which consecutively befell the disciples of christ from the perverse Jews. Consequently, withstand their oppositions with all quiescence and dignity (patience) and their contradictions with all cheerfulness, gladness and dilation of heart (i.e., exaltation) by day and night. Resist their fighting with peace and reconciliation, their blows with kindness and perfection and their blame with joy and tranquility. Do beseech God to direct them to the Path of Salvation and breathe into them the Spirit of Life. Be thou a light to every darkness, a dispeller of every sadness, a healer for every sick person, a quencher for every thirst, a shelter for every refugee, a refuge for every captive. If the Pharisees interfere with thee, it is incumbent upon thee to implore God to guide them to the road of salvation! And it is incumbent upon thee to be affable to them under all circumstances, to be patient in afflictions, to be courteous with the enemies and to pray for the hateful sinners! This is the nature of the faithful and convinced women believers whose hearts are dilated with the fragrances of God and who instruct (people) in the teachings of God!
O maid-servant of God! Trust in the grace of thy Lord. He shall surely assist thee with a confirmation whereat minds will be amazed and the thoughts of the men of learning will be astonished. Consider the divine 286 splendors in Green Acre: One of them is the tree of fire and another is what was witnessed by thy friend—a light shining forth unto all sides. This is through the grace of thy Lord unto thee! Consequently, be engaged in perusing St. John’s Revelation; all these signs are spoken of in that vision. Thou shalt soon behold (things) still greater than this.
O maid-servant of God! It is incumbent upon thee to diffuse the fragrances of God and to be occupied in delivering (teaching) the Cause of God! Deliver my greeting to ….…. and say unto them: “Trust ye in the grace of your Lord and thank your Master, for He hath directed you to the Path of the Kingdom of God. Verily He is the Assister, the Beneficent!”
The coming of any one to these countries is, at this time, difficult and unallowable. I beg of God to facilitate it and then we will permit ….…. to come. I beg of God to manifest His lights in the heart of ….…. so that he may apprehend that which he never before apprehended and behold the mysteries of the Kingdom with real certainty in this glorious age.
God willing, next year some of the teachers (of the Truth) will present themselves at Green Acre and will cause the voices of the people of the Kingdom to reach the Supreme Apex.