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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 286-289

“O thou who art attracted by the Fragrances of God and…”

O thou who art attracted by the Fragrances of God and enkindled with the Fire wherein Moses, the Speaker, found Guidance!
May it be salutary to thee, the draught from this cup, which is overflowing with the wine of the love of God. 287
Blessed art thou, that thy heart is connected with the callings of the Kingdom of El-Abha, so that thou hast dispensed with the telepathic wires of the world, because the terminal of the spiritual wire reached the center of thy heart and the other is placed in the Spiritual Center, vibrating informations constantly through the power of the Spirit and successively conveying the great glad-tidings. This is the station of (or for) every maid-servant whose heart is filled with the love of God and attracted to the Beauty of El-Abha.
Thank God for showing unto thee and thy dear friend, the revered ….…., the great power and might of the Kingdom personified in the body of humanity, and that thou didst worship Him with a brilliant heart, and He addressed thee (saying): “Peace be unto thee! Peace be unto thee!” His white vestment is the garment of the Manifestation and [His] brilliant color. Regarding the gems which appeared on His breast, they are peerless pearls of wisdom which shine unto the horizons with a godlike fame. As to His shining face, verily it hath illumined the earth and dispersed the darkness from the contingent world. Regarding thine entrance with thy friend into the gallery lighted with lamps, know thou that gallery is the world of humanity and the lamps His wonderful teaching, His all-wisdom, His perfect bounty and His clear manifestation. He is the Absent-Present in the world of humanity.
O maid-servant of God! It is incumbent upon thee to diffuse the fragrances, it is incumbent upon thee to 288 promulgate the teachings of God and it is incumbent upon thee to breathe the spirit of life into the hearts of the people of those regions, so that thou be a lamp of guidance in the recess of Green Acre. Take the cup of the love of God in thy right hand and with thy left hand hoist the banner of universal peace, love and affection among the nations of the earth. Call out (saying): “Hasten! Hasten unto the Great Bounty! Press! Press forward unto the Abundant Mercy! Speed! Speed unto the Manifest Light! Be urgent! Be urgent for the Great Attainment! Verily, by God the Truth, the doors of the Kingdom are opened, the lights of God have shown forth and illumined the horizon of the earth! The Lord of Hosts hath descended with the army of lights and angels of heaven and depressed the armies of darkness! He sent His angels to all directions, with a call of the trumpet of realities and meanings, instructions and teachings! Therefore, O people of the earth, appreciate the opportunity, in this new century, wherein the lights have been revealed by the Glorious Lord!”
In regard to the school which tho didst think of and its organization: I ask God that thou shouldst become confirmed in it with all order and command. But now it is necessary first to organize the Cause of God in those countries; then, order and preparation. Therefore arise, through a power from God, in organizing the Cause of God—that is, the diffusion of the fragrances of God, promotion of the Word of God and heralding unto the nations and peoples with a pre-existent power the appearance of the Most Great Sun. 289