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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 147-148

“O thou servant who art near and dear to the Glorious…”

O thou servant who art near and dear to the Glorious Threshold!
Give thanks to God for having been ushered into His Kingdom, partaken of the heavenly table and the “lord’s supper,” attained ecstasy by the wine of His love, become enrolled as a soldier for life among the hosts of the Lord, and [for His having] blessed thy head with a crown of great guidance, whose gems and pearls illumine the ages.
Convey the greetings of this imprisoned one to the beloved of God in the spiritual assembly of Kenosha. Say unto them: “The Cause is Great! Great! and the Kingdom of the Majestic Lord overshadoweth heaven and earth. Your spiritual assembly should be a source of joy to the world of humanity and be so illumined with light as to dispel the darkened horizons, withstand the power of tests, remain firm and constant, be not disturbed by ordeals and feel no difficulty in spreading 148 the light of guidance. If ye attain this attitude of firmness, the confirmation of the Divine will verily penetrate the world through your meeting. But this requires disinterestedness in worldly things and devotion to the Kingdom of ABHA, perseverance and effort are requisites and firmness is a necessity. I beg God to illumine the faces of each of you so that they may shine as stars in the high firmament.”