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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 321-323

“O thou faithful maid-servant of God!…”

O thou faithful maid-servant of God!
What thou has written me hath been seen. Indeed thou belongest to the Kingdom and thou turnest towards the Horizon of Abha. I ask from the bounty of God that thou mayest be enflamed day by day more and more by the fire of the love of God.
It seems that thou wast uncertain whether to occupy thyself in writing or in delivering the tidings of the Cause of God. In these days, to deliver the glad-tidings is the best of all. Open then thy tongue to the guidance of the human race on any occasion that presents itself.
Thou hast asked about knowledge and cognition. Read the divine books and tablets and look into he books of proofs that have been written in presenting 322 this Cause. One of them is the Book of Ighan 1 , which is translated into English. There is also the book 2 by Mirza Abul Fazl and there are others written by the believers. In the time to come, many divine books and tablets will be translated and thou wilt read them; but thou mayest ask God that thou mayest attract divine knowledge by the magnet of the love of God. When the soul becomes sanctified in every condition and becomes pure and holy, then the door of the divine knowledge will be opened to the face.
Thou hast written about the dear maid-servant of God, Mrs. ….…. That one attracted unto God is indeed always occupied in the service and she doth her utmost to spread the divine lights; if she continueth in the same way there will be great results in the future. That which is of the greatest importance is to have firmness, steadfastness and constancy.
I pray God that through the desires and the efforts of the maid-servants of the Merciful the foot of the mountains by the ocean’s shore 3 will be enlightened by the brilliancy of the love of God in such a way that its light may be transmitted all over the world.
You ask if, through the appearance of the Kingdom of God, every soul hath been saved. The Sun of Reality hath appeared to the all the world. This Luminous Appearance is salvation and life; but only he who hath opened the eye of reality and who hath seen these lights will be saved. 323
You also ask about the eventual victory of spirituality in the Bahai age. It is certain that spirituality will overcome materiality and that the divine will have the victory over the human; it is also true that by divine education souls in every condition of existence will be elevated, except those that are blind, deaf, dumb and dead. How can such souls comprehend the light? The sun lighteth up all the dark world, but the blind man hath no portion in its brilliancy; the cloud of mercy poureth forth streams of water, but the sterile land will never produce plants and flowers.
Give my greetings to the maid-servant of God, Mrs. ….…. and to her daughter. I pray God to assist them to help them, that their meeting day by day will grow brighter and that their hearts will be more and more attracted.
If you see Mrs….….., give her my greeting and say to her: “Thou hast come to Acca, thou hast seen my teachings, thou hast heard my explanations and thou hast smelled the sweet odors of the Kingdom. Do not forget this, and try with thy heart and soul to diffuse this fragrance to thy respected husband also.”
Give my greeting to all the maid-servants of God.
1. During the time of Baha’o’llah’s residence in Baghdad (the Dwelling of Peace), men of learning, including Jews, Christians and Mohammedans, visited Him seeking answer to religious and scriptural questions. Such answer He gave in the Book of Ighan, otherwise known as the Book of Explanations and Assurance. It concerns the Reality and Authority of the human “Divine Manifestations.”   [ Back To Reference]
2. “The Bahai Proofs.”   [ Back To Reference]
3. Refers to California and the Pacific coast.   [ Back To Reference]