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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 335-338

“O thou honored friend!…”

O thou honored friend!
Verily the sight of Providence is far reaching and the divine glance is perfect. Thou hast always been a recipient of favors and the object of the bounty of the glorious Beauty of Abha. I trust in God that thou mayest be thus aided by Him to serve His Cause and so shine as a luminous star in the horizon of His Kingdom, an illumining candle burning in the assemblage of the Bahais; that thou mayest be confirmed by a power of the Kingdom and attain divine bounty and providence.
As to the question of women being chosen rather 336 than men: In this cycle there were men who arose through a divine power and who shone forth as the sun from the dawning-point of holiness; and, likewise, there appeared certain women who became side by side with men. The expression which you quote, “Every woman who is directed to the guidance of God in this great age, will surpass men in every respect,” signified that, in this age, certain women will appear who will surpass some men. It does not mean that they will surpass all the men who have given their lives as sacrifices in this Cause; for in this wonderful cycle there appeared such men as his holiness Khudoos, his holiness Bab-el-Bab, his holiness the “King of Martyrs” and his holiness the “Beloved of Martyrs,” his holiness the great Vaheed 1 , and such ones who have no equals in the world of existence.
If, in the letters to the maid-servants of the Merciful, there hath been written in the sense of encouragement (that form which such meanings can be inferred), the purport is that some women in the wonderful age have surpassed some men, and not that all women have surpassed all men. The members of the House of Spirituality must give unlimited encouragement to women. In this age, both men and women are in the shadow of the Word of God. Whosoever endeavors the most will attain the greatest share, be it of men or of women, of the strong or of the weak.
As to the matter of teaching and the choosing of men, the letters which I have written to the Spiritual Meeting (House of Spirituality) of which you are a 337 member, will answer this question and will manifest the station of men who remain firm in the Covenant of God. Refer to them.
As to the number of Tablets to women, this is due to the fact that most of the letters which come to the Holy Land are from women. Rarely do letters come from men and, naturally, to women the most are written. Men are enjoined more than women to give the Message of the Cause of God and to diffuse His fragrances.
My dear friend! If thou didst know how dear thou art to Abdul-Baha, thou wouldst spread wings, and through excess of joy, soar and begin teaching all that country.
As to the question: “Whither shall we turn in our prayers?” There is an appointed center toward which one must direct himself in prayer, but at present this center is not unfolded because of wisdom. In its time this shall be announced. At present, in those regions, you should direct yourself, as formerly, to the East. The appointed and certain center will be announced in its time.
You also ask: “To whom shall we turn?” Turn to the Ancient Beauty. If it be the will of God, the blessed likeness (of the Manifestation) will be sent in its proper time, so that, in the world of the heart, thou mayest direct thyself to that holy likeness and thus be saved from imagination and phantasy. However, in the Temple (Mashrak-el-Azcar) the blessed picture must never be placed (or hung) on the wall. This you should know.
As to the subject of babes and infants and weak ones 338 who are afflicted by the hands of oppressors: This contains great wisdom and this subject is of paramount importance. In brief, for those souls there is a recompense in another world and many details are connected with this matter. For those souls that suffering is the greatest mercy of God. Verily that mercy of the Lord is far better and preferable to all the comfort of this world and the growth and development of this place of mortality. If it be the will of God, when thou shalt be present this will be explained in detail by word of mouth.
1. All martyred in Persia. Khudoos, in the city of Barfurush; Bab-el-Bab, in Tabarsi; King of Martyrs and Beloved of Martyrs, both in Ispahan; Vaheed, in Nariz.   [ Back To Reference]