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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 459-460

“O thou who art firm in the Covenant!…”

O thou who art firm in the Covenant!
Great joy was obtained on learning of the harmony and love of the friends. Communication with the friends of various parts is one of the greatest means for spreading the fragrances.
The place adjoining Washington, where, during the summer season, the maid-servant of God, Mrs. ….…., shall go, if it will not cause any disturbance and doth not become a means of talk among the enemies, the gathering of some of the friends there will be favorable. We must be considerate lest it may cause “sensation” among the people, for some people are weak and should be treated very quietly. However, the gathering of some of the friends there will be a cause of enkindling the fire of the love of God and the organization of a Bahai meeting will be harmless.
Every week two or three of the Washington friends should go to Baltimore and endeavor to help and encourage the friends there.
As to the seven qualifications (of the divinely enlightened soul) of which thou hast asked an explanation, it is as follows:
1. KNOWLEDGE. Man must attain the knowledge of God.
4. TRUTHFULNESS. Truthfulness is the foundation of all the virtues of the world of humanity. Without truthfulness, progress and success in all of the worlds of God are impossible for a soul. When this holy attribute is established in man, all the divine qualities will also become realized. 460
5. UPRIGHTNESS. And this is one of the greatest divine attainments.
6. FIDELITY. This is also a beautiful trait of the heavenly man.
7. EVANESCENCE OR HUMILITY. That is to say, man must become evanescent in God. Must forget his own selfish conditions that he may thus arise to the station of sacrifice. It should be to such a degree that if he sleep, it should not be for pleasure, but to rest the body in order to do better, to speak better, to explain more beautifully, to serve the servants of God and to prove the truths. When he remains awake, he should seek to be attentive, serve the Cause of God and sacrifice his own stations for those of God. When he attains to this station, the confirmations of the Holy Spirit will surely reach him, and man with this power can withstand all who inhabit the earth.
In regard to children, thou hast written that it is decided to train them in the teachings of God from childhood. This thought is very acceptable.
Give greeting and praise to all of the friends of God and to His maid-servants.