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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 466-468

“O thou servant of Baha’!…”

O thou servant of Baha’!
Thy letter***was received. Correspondence between the believers of the Orient and the Occident, as well as between the different states of America, is of the utmost importance and is conducive to the enkindlement and attraction of the hearts. Show thou great consideration to this matter.
Thou hast written concerning the translation of Tablets. Perfect translation will be made at a time when a committee of translators is organized. The members of that committee must be composed of several Persians and several Americans, all of whom must have the utmost proficiency in both the Persian and English languages. Then the Tablets will be translated through this committee. For the present the organization of such a committee is not possible. Therefore, whenever the publication of a Tablet becomes necessary, have a proficient person translate it, then circulate it and the end will be attained.
Regarding the station of this servant: My station is Abdul-Baha, my name is Abdul-Baha, my qualification is Abdul-Baha, my praise is Abdul-Baha, my title is Abdul-Baha. All the friends of God must declare this word, in order that all of them become united and harmonized upon it. No difference must arise. Collect, translate, print and spread all the Tablets written by me regarding this question.
Concerning the Book of Akdas: Undoubtedly it 467 must be translated by a scientific committee of translators. The translation of one person is not sufficient.
Concerning the spiritual assembly of Washington: I supplicate God that it may finally become the cause of the unification of all the nations of the world.
The maid-servant of God, Miss ……., hath not yet returned from Persia. God willing, we will direct her to travel to those parts.
Thou hast written regarding the believers of Baltimore. Undoubtedly whenever opportunity affords, the believers of Washington must go to Baltimore, become engaged in teaching the Truth, spread the carpet of feasting and prepare the heavenly table.
Convey respectful greeting on my behalf to the maid-servant of God, Miss ….…., and say: “O thou divinely attracted one! Day and night, with an eloquent tongue, teach thou the heedless ones; awaken those who are speechless and silent. Undoubtedly the confirmation of the Holy Spirit will descend upon thee.”
Announce, on my behalf, respectful greeting to the attracted maid-servant of God, Miss ….…., and say: “O thou beloved maid-servant of God! Now is the time, now is the moment in which, like unto Mary Magdalene (who loosened her tongue in the city of great Rome), thou mayest arise and become engaged in teaching the coming of the Kingdom of God and spread far and wide to the ears the glad-tidings of the Realm of Eternity!”
In brief, O thou servant of Baha’! Strive ye that the souls be engaged, in all parts of Europe, with the utmost purity and sanctification, in the diffusion of the fragrances of God. 468
Undoubtedly teachers both from among the women as well as the men must go to Australia and New Zealand whenever the means and opportunity are brought about. Now make ye an effort that perchance through correspondence some souls, in those parts, may become illumined with the light of the Kingdom.
O thou servant of Baha’! Rest thou assured. I supplicate from God that thou mayest be delivered wholly from passion and desire and become the faithful and sincere servant of the Beauty of Abha.