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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 546-548

“O thou seeker after Truth!…”

O thou seeker after Truth!
The letter which thou hast written to … was received and its contents became known. If thou 547 ask my name and title, it is Abdul-Baha and any name beside this is unknown here. Whosoever calleth me by this name, accept from him—otherwise reject.
But about the three questions which thou hast asked for thyself: The first is true. Undoubtedly, when a soul engages in commemoration of the True One, he will naturally feel the rest of soul and tranquility of heart.
The second question about the supernatural power: Without advancing toward the Kingdom of Abha, it is impossible and inaccessible. But should a soul enter under the shadow of the Blessed Perfection, step into the divine Kingdom, act according to the councils and exhortations of God and practice the New Teachings, unquestionably he will become endowed with a supernatural power.
But about thy third question: “Have I been subjected to such troubles and vicissitudes before?” and the indisputable answer, “No!”—this is also true.
For any soul who walketh in the path of guidance, there is no doubt he shall endure hardships. Consider thou their Highness the Apostles; likewise the Assembly of Christians, who were sanctified souls; what calamities and persecutions hailed them in the Cause during the first and second century and even up to the third century!
Look thou around the world of existence: A little worldly transaction cannot be brought about except through surmounting many an obstacle. How much more important are the objects of the Supreme World! Certainly there existeth troubles, trials, afflictions, persecution, censure and contempt. When thou didst occupy 548 thy time in the past to give out religious exhortations and advices, thou experienced some persecutions and trouble. But thou canst not realize in this present moment what great ordeals are in store and what unbearable calamities, affliction and adversity exist, and that to give up life is the easiest of all those calamities. But the end of all these is bliss, overflowing joy, everlasting exultation, happiness and supreme contentment. it is eternal life, never ending glory, a lordly gift and divine sovereignty!
In brief, thou hast asked concerning my desire for thee: I wish, if thou art worldly, to become heavenly; if thou art of the world of possession, become thou celestial; if thou art of the material sphere, become an inhabitant of the realm of Light; hasten from the world of darkness to the world of illumination and become the manifestor of the exhortations, advices and instructions of the Blessed Perfection. This is my greatest desire for thee.