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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 656-657

“O thou who art firm in the Covenant!…”

O thou who art firm in the Covenant!
Thy last letter, sent by Mirza ….….., hath arrived. It is not a very long time since I wrote thee a letter in which I said how contented I was with thee and I explained to thee the importance of thy visit to India and showed thee the results and the fruits of that visit.
At this moment hath arrived a letter in which thou hast praised the believers of Rangoon, especially Seyed ….….., Mirza ….….., Mirza ….….. and Khai Khosroe 1 who sacrificed his life for thine; ea, this is the truth! Consider what a difference exists between his country and thine and what a great effect this Bahai spirit hath manifested that an oriental sacrificed his life for an Occidental! What attraction, what love, what relationship is this! Blessed are those who are able to arrive at an understanding of the reality of the power of this love!
Concerning Mr. ….….., one of the Hindus of 657 whom thou hast written: Say to him, “To me thou art not a stranger, but a friend; thou art not unknown, but known.”
Thou hast spoken of a spiritual wave. This is not a wave, but a sea; nay, the very ocean! But this is not to destroy the cities, but to purify them; and soon it will submerge them all. This does not mean destruction, but salvation; it is not death, but life; it is not enmity, but love; it is not pain; it is a remedy. The world of existence is the body, and this is its spirit; this immense world is the glass [chimney], and this is the lamp [lighted wick]; humanity is the heaven, and this is its sun. The signs of this bounty are clear and visible. The proof is the changing of the characters of the friends and the perfection that the believers have made in their actions and words: They were dark, they became luminous; they were terrestrial, they became celestial; they were human, they became divine; they were diabolic, they became angelic; they were a drop, they became the sea; they were an atom, they became the sun. These are the signs of those who are entirely submerged by this wave; that is to say, this ocean.
O thou ….…..! I hope that thou wilt progress more and more; that thou wilt increase thy knowledge and science; and that thou wilt ever strive for gentleness and love.
Perhaps it will be possible for thee, next winter, to go to Persia.
1. Khai Khosroe was a Zoroastrian Bahai of Bombay, India, who left his home and went to Lahore to nurse Mr. Sydney Sprague who was sick of a fever. Mr. Sprague recovered, while the great Khai Khosroe died. He was the first Oriental friend to give his life for a Western Bahai brother.   [ Back To Reference]