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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 678-681

“O thou who art attracted by the Fragrances of God!…”

O thou who art attracted by the Fragrances of God!
Give thanks unto God for having revealed unto thee, in visions, the mysteries of His Kingdom and for having 679 strengthened thee to attain certain revelations which show thine utmost attraction and constancy unto this great Cause.
Verily, the three birds are the three holy souls. The one on the right is His Holiness the great Bab, the one on the left is His Honor the Khudoos, 1 the glorious soul, and the great bird in the middle is the Greatest Name. 2 The light shining from the Supreme Horizon is the Beauty of El-Abha. These birds descended from an infinite height and the nearer they came to earth the more their majesty and glory became manifest. All nations were promised by a sure promise and were awaiting with anxiety and longing the coming of the Promised One. The two birds accompanying the great bird in the center signifies that the Bab and His Honor the Khudoos were both under the wings of the Greatest name. As those birds descended and their shadows extended vertically over the expectants, as the sun approacheth the zenith at noontide, at this time thou hast seen a majestic being in the form of man upon the back of the huge bird in the center. This person in the human form is the “divine station” mentioned in the Bible: “Let us make man in our image after our likeness.” And the divine lights were reflected from the reality of the Greatest Name. Although this station is far from the minds and understandings, yet its lights are apparent, its rays reflected and its brilliancy manifested throughout the universe.
The white garments signify holy dignity and a station sanctified from color, i.e., free from the universal 680 conditions and material qualities. That luminous countenance, manifested in beauty, signifieth that the divine lights shone forth from the human form, which were reflected and descended upon thee, dazzling the eyes of those who were perceiving it as the sun dazzles the eyes of those who try to look upon it. That divine form manifested itself in America and entered the great Temple which shall soon be constructed therein. This glorious Temple resembles the Oriental edifices and soon thou wilt see it erected there with a most solid foundation and strongest basis. That divine face will beam upon numberless souls who will enter this Temple.
Regarding the table laid in that magnificent house: This is the heavenly table of divine knowledge, love and eternal life. As to the people gathered there, they are the beloved of God and His chosen ones whose faces shine with wonderful and heavenly beauty. The woman sitting at the side of the Temple is the law of God, which will soon dispel all veils and its beauty will appear, after which it shall be established forever and ever. The stamped coins presented to the woman sitting in that honored station, are the good deeds and actions of the beloved of God and His maid-servants, submitted with praise, greetings and great thanksgiving unto that holy law. The beautiful woman is blessed by being touched by that Merciful Being the glory of whose blessing shall suffuse the universe. Then the Merciful Being returned to His station, mounting the bird and ascended to the Supreme Horizon in the infinite realm.
This vision showeth that thou, O confirmed and attracted one, by the breezes of God will soon be acquainted with the ancient mysteries, for the Manifest 681 Light will appear to thee. The vision also signifieth that a Mashrak-el-Azcar will soon be established in America. The cries of supplication and invocation will be raised to the Highest Kingdom therefrom and, verily, the people will enter into the religion of God by troops with great enthusiasm and attraction.
Concerning thy vision of the angels surrounding the great white throne: This “throne” is the body of the Greatest name. The beautiful and glorious person riding upon the white horse is the Greatest Name and the white horse means also His glorious body. The herald who proclaimed the written names is Abdul-Baha who announceth the names of those who deserve salvation and are firm in the Covenant of God, and thou art one of those people, the people of salvation. Be thankful for this great favor.
1. Khudoos, literally, Holy; the title given to one of the great martyrs of Persia.   [ Back To Reference]
2. Baha’o’llah.   [ Back To Reference]