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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 706-708

“O thou that virtuous soul and individual who art ready…”

O thou that virtuous soul and individual who art ready for the confirmation of the Holy Spirit!
I, with the utmost clemency, have read thy brilliant letter which showeth thine advancement toward the Kingdom of God and the excessive preparation for the effulgence of the lights of God and the greatest tendency for the baptism of the Spirit of God and thy pleasure at the glad-tidings of God, thine attraction by the fragrance of God and thy gladness in the love of God. May God strengthen thee so thou mayest come nearer to God, to separate thyself from aught else save Him and to assist thee in spreading His lights and uttering the abundance of His mysteries, to perfume thy nostrils with the fragrance of His holiness and to prepare for thee the heavenly table, that thou mayest taste the delight of His loving-kindness. I now assure thee, O servant of God, that, if thy mind become empty and pure from every mention and thought and thy heart attracted wholly to the Kingdom of God, forget all else besides God and come in communion with the Spirit of God, then the Holy Spirit will assist thee with a power which will enable thee to penetrate all things, and a Dazzling Spark which enlightens all sides, a Brilliant Flame in the zenith of the heavens, 707 will teach thee that which thou dost not know of the facts of the universe and of the divine doctrine. Verily, I say unto thee, every soul which ariseth today to guide others to the path of safety and infuse in them the Spirit of Life, the Holy Spirit will inspire that soul with evidences, proofs and facts and the lights will shine upon it from the Kingdom of God. Do not forget what I have conveyed unto thee from the breath of the Spirit. Verily, it is the shining morning and the rosy dawn which will impart unto thee the lights, reveal the mysteries and make thee competent in science, and through it the pictures of the Supreme World will be printed in thy heart and the facts of the secrets of the Kingdom of God will shine before thee. Christ said—glory be to Him! —“Many are called but few chosen.” Thank thou thy Lord for He hath made thee of the chosen. By my life! verily, this is a station which God giveth to whomsoever He pleaseth. Know its value and appreciate it according to its desserts! Arise with all thy power to answer [i.e., to perform] all that is necessary to obtain this grace and bounty and be strengthened in all circumstances and conditions of this existence. How many noble-minded women, who were the queens of all provinces and countries, have died and passed away and thou no longer hearest any mention of them; but every servant of the servants of the Merciful, who were in the past decades and centuries, owing to their bright faces illumined by the lights of truth and knowledge, their stars shine until today in the horizon of the highest and their rays dazzle in the mirrors of the world and their fame is divulged in the Supreme World and their sanctification spread in 708 the Kingdom of God; and if—God forbid! —the foot of man deviate as did that of Judas, so that he became human after he was divine and sold the blood of Christ for a small and trifling sum—verily, there is in that a great lesson to the people of understanding!
Although I am far away from thee in body, still I am near unto thee in spirit. But I ask God that the body will follow the spirit and out meeting will be facilitated. The most essential thing is the spiritual relation, the hearty friendship and the heavenly attraction. Thou must accomplish this.