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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 712-715

“O thou who art attracted to the Fragrances of Holiness!…”

O thou who art attracted to the Fragrances of Holiness!
Verily, I read thy words in which thou hast thanked God for His great kindness and providence after those 713 Tablets reached thee, for the bounty of their significances which hath shone forth upon thee. Verily, they are Tablets the words of which have proceeded from a heart which is filled with the love of God, is free and isolated from all else save God, is illumined and over-flowing with the bounties of the Kingdom of El-Abha and in which the verses of unity are traced through the breath of the spirit of the gift of God.
O maid-servant of God! It is incumbent upon thee to learn that which the spirit of Abdul-Baha poureth upon thee. Look not at thy capacity and ability; nay, look at the grace of thy Lord in these days and at the gift of His Kingdom, the like of which hath never been seen by the eye of existence in former cycles.
Verily existence is a parched ground and the bounty of the Kingdom is a copious rain. The ground of existence shall surely be developed into myrtles of the wisdom of God, for the fragrances of holiness have encompassed the earth, east and west, the glad-tidings of God have successively come from the Kingdom of heaven and the Sun of Truth hath shone forth to all regions with the greatest effulgence. Impart thou the Greatest Name to the ears, so that all may call out among nations: “O Thou Baha’ of the world! O Thou Sun of Pre-existence!”
Truly, I say unto thee, this blessed Name is the spirit of life, the deliverer from death, the word of salvation and of manifest signs! Thou shalt surely hear from all parts the cry, “Ya Baha El-Abha!” reaching to the Supreme Concourse.
Deliver my spiritual greeting to thy spiritual son and to his revered wife whose name is near to thy name. 714 Deliver my greeting to thy spiritual daughter, the revered ….….. and tell her: “O my dear daughter! Turn unto the Kingdom of thy Lord and be benefited by spiritual bounties. Be attracted by the fragrances of holiness—such an attraction which may breather life into dead souls, quicken them by a pure life and may illumine their sights with the light which is shining forth to all the world in this glorious century and new age.”
Deliver my praise to the maid-servant of God, ….….. and say unto her: “Verily, thou hast seen the physical picture of Abdul-Baha printed by the rays of the phenomenal sun (i.e., his photograph) and thine eyes became overflowing with tears. Beg thou of God that He may show unto thee his (Abdul-Baha’s) spiritual picture printed by the ray shining forth from the Merciful Kingdom. Then the attractions of God shall overtake thee and make thee as a spark of fire aflame with the heat of the love of God.”
O maid-servant of God! It is incumbent upon thee to visit his holiness Mirza Abul Fazl, so that thou mayest learn from him the arguments and decisive texts in the holy Bible concerning the appearance of the Kingdom of God in this great cycle. Verily, his visit 1 is a prize unto thee, a hoard 2 unto thee, a consolation unto
O maid-servant of God! Verily, Mr. ….….. is an excellent man, exerting all his powers to diffuse fragrances of God. God shall surely strengthen 715 him in a great matter and make him a banner waving through the winds of confirmation upon this glorious castle.
As to my drinking the cup of sacrifice: By the Lord of heaven, this is my utmost hope, the joy of my heart, the consolation of my soul and my final desire. Thou shouldst pray God that He may prepare this hope for me and ordain for me this mighty gift and that he may give me to quaff this cup which is overflowing with the wine of faithfulness in the path of Baha’.
O maid-servant of God! When I had thy letter in my hand, I was in such a condition that the breeze of the love of God cheered me and I was thereby moved with such joy that the place was filled with the spirit of the love of God. No doubt thy heart hath been also impressed by this spiritual joy, merciful attraction and ecstatic love.
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2. This word means a treasure or supply laid up for future use.—Translator.   [ Back To Reference]