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The Summons of the Lord of Hosts

  • Author:
  • Bahá’u’lláh

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í World Centre, 2002 edition
  • Pages:
  • 272
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Pages 243-244



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(PHW are from the Persian Hidden Words.)

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Paragraph Passage Source


"While engulfed in tribulations … of them that perceive."GPB 101–102


"The day is approaching when God … the Self-Subsisting."WOB 109–110


"Erelong shall God draw forth … how vehement is His might"WOB 110


"Beware lest ye shed the blood … if ye do but understand."ESW 25


"Naught is seen in My temple … could be seen but God."WOB 109


"the fertilizing winds … whether seen or unseen!"WOB 169, PDC ¶112


"The Holy Spirit Itself … of them that comprehend"WOB 109


"Within the treasury of Our Wisdom … the All-Wise."WOB 109


"It is in Our power, should We wish it, to enable … future ages."WOB 107


"Great is the blessedness … the Almighty, the All-Wise."PDC ¶271


"O ye the dawning-places … and unto others."PDC ¶208


"Ye are even as a spring … it fruits, will be corrupted."PDC ¶208


"Had the Primal Point … with each other in My Days."WOB 138

Pope Pius IX (Lawh-i-Páp)


"O Pope!… the Almighty, the Unrestrained."PDC ¶71
102“He, verily, hath again come … hath been illumined.”PDC ¶71
103“Dwellest thou in palaces … towards the Kingdom.”PDC ¶71
105“Arise in the name of thy Lord … peoples of all faiths.”PDC ¶71
106“Call thou to remembrance … away from His light.”PDC ¶72
108“Consider those who opposed … disputed with Him.”PDC ¶72
108“None save a very few … eventide and at dawn.”PDC ¶72
109“Read ye the Evangel … concourse of learned men!”PDC ¶256
111“The fragrances of the … fast hold of guidance.”PDC ¶256
112“The Word which the Son … of the righteous!”PDC ¶73
113“This is the day … Kingdom is fulfilled!”PDC ¶73
114“My body longeth … from its transgressions.”PDC ¶73
115“The people of the Qur’án … clouds wept over Us.”PDC ¶247
116“And if they cast … the Gracious, the All-Powerful!”WOB 108
118“O Supreme Pontiff … the book of creation.”PDC ¶74
120“Should the inebriation … Revealer of all power.”PDC ¶74
126“Verily, the day of ingathering … the All-Compelling.”PDC ¶74
127“Say: O concourse of Christians … turn ye unto Him.”PDC ¶261
127“The Beloved One … heedless of My Revelation”PDC ¶261
128“O people of the Gospel! … everlasting life.”PDC ¶261
129“We behold you … Direct yourselves towards Him.”PDC ¶261
129“Verily, He said … quickeners of mankind.”PDC ¶261
Napoleon III (Lawh-i-Napulyún II)
131–5“O King of Paris! … near access to God to flow.”ESW 46–49
136–9“Say: O concourse of monks … wrapped in a thick veil!”ESW 49–52
140“More grievous … kingdoms of earth and heaven.”ESW 52
141“Upon Our arrival … token of God’s grace.”GPB 206
142–43“As My tribulations multiplied … poor and the desolate.”ESW 52–53
143“Abandon thy palaces … them that turn unto Him.”PDC ¶70
143“Shouldst thou desire … All-Knowing, the All-Wise.”PDC ¶70
144“Arise thou … Lord of strength and of might.”ESW 53
145“Adorn the body … peoples of the earth.”ESW 53–54
146“Doth it behove you … shining and resplendent Seat.”ESW 54
147“Shed not the blood … abode of the transgressors!”ESW 54
148“God hath prescribed… influence his hearers.”GWB CLVIII
149“Deal not treacherously … the Most Generous.”ESW 54–55
150–51“O people of Bahá … created of a sorry germ.”ESW 55
152“Regard ye the world … such as create dissension.”ESW 55–56
154“He Who is your Lord … among God’s blessed ones.”GWB CVII
156“Meditate on the world … this sublime Vision.”ESW 56
Czar Alexander II (Lawh-i-Malik-i-Rús)
158“O Czar of Russia … barter away this sublime station.”PDC ¶75
159–60“Beware lest thy sovereignty … sword of the oppressor.”PDC ¶75–76
162–3“Again I say … the Mighty, the Glorified.”PDC ¶77–78
164“Some lamented … Evangel were adorned.”PDC ¶78
170“Blessed be the king … the All-Powerful, the Almighty.”PDC ¶78
Queen Victoria (Lawh-i-Malikih)
171–3“O Queen in London … the Ruler, the All-Wise.”PDC ¶79–81
173“And if any one of them … of the blissful.”ESW 61–62
174–6“O ye the elected … all else naught but error.”GWB CXX
176–7“Each time that Most Mighty … what I say.”ESW 63–64
178–82“O ye rulers … naught but manifest justice.”GWB CXIX
185“Turn thou unto God … heavens and of the earth.”PDC ¶82
Násiri’d-Dín Sháh (Lawh-i-Sultán)
192–95“O King! I was but a man … derived from the Name of God!”PDC ¶97–99
217“A just king is the shadow … that hath surpassed the worlds.”PDC ¶182
221“Would that the world-adorning wish … for Me or against Me.”PDC ¶110
225“O ye that are foolish … the paths of perdition.”PHW #24
226“O ye seeming fair … immeasurable is the difference!”PHW #25
227“O essence of desire! … unto the hosts of holiness.”PHW #28
228 “O bondslave of the world! … returned whence it came.”PHW #30
230“O King of the age! … a sufficient witness unto Me.”PDC ¶100
233“The religious doctors … and unto them shall it return.”KI 247–48
233“When the Standard of Truth … shall curse it.”KI 238
234“Those doctors who have indeed … drunk of the cup of renunciation”GPB 143
242“Each nation hath plotted darkly … invalidate the truth.”KI 5
242 “No Messenger cometh unto them … but they laugh Him to scorn.”KI 5
244“But if their opposition be grievous … a ladder into heaven”KI 109–10
249“O would that thou wouldst … knowledge of the Book.”PDC ¶101
249“But for the repudiation … no God is there but He!”PDC ¶101
258“By Him Who is the Truth! … lighteth earth and heaven.”ESW 17
265“I have seen, O Sháh … nor ear heard.”PDC ¶102
265–6“How numerous the tribulations … in the path of My Lord!”PDC ¶102
267“According to what they say … metropolis of the owl”GPB 186
268“By God! Though weariness … such as commune with Him.”PDC ¶102
273“But for the tribulations … the Lord of the worlds.”ESW 94
276“Thus have We built the Temple … Be and it is.”PDC ¶113
1“Hearken, O chief … the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.”WOB 178
2“Thou hast, O Chief, committed that … evident loss!”WOB 178
5 “The day is approaching … in sore distress.”PDC ¶152
11“the loved ones of God … on the first night without food.”GPB 179
12“The people surrounded the house … wept over Us”GPB 179
12“We perceived that the weeping … such as ponder.”GPB 179–180
13“unheard of in bygone centuries … the power of His might”GPB 180
13“King and Beloved of Martyrs”GPB 136–137
14“Say: This Youth hath departed … the power of truth”GPB 181
18“Had Muhammad … privileged to behold Thy face!”WOB 105–106
21“Ere long will God … the Almighty, the Beneficent”PDC ¶185
6“From the foundation of the world … nor heard of.”GPB 187
7“Soon will He seize you … none to help or succour you.”PDC ¶153
9“Several times calamities … the Pen of My command.”PDC ¶153
25–26“There is a matter … may be made known unto you.”PDC ¶111
13“Soon will We dismiss … the All-Compelling.”PDC ¶156
2“O kings of the earth! … the All-Powerful, the All-Wise.”PDC ¶41
2–3“Fear God, O concourse … and be not of the heedless.”PDC ¶41
4“My face hath come forth … could ye but know it.”PDC ¶41
6“Arise, then, … may be revealed unto you.”PDC ¶41
6“Beware lest ye hinder … can be quickened.”PDC ¶41
7–14“Lay not aside the fear … the right course.”PDC ¶42–46
15“O kings of Christendom! … the entire creation.”PDC ¶64
20–23“Twenty years have passed … turn his face towards Thee.”GWB CXVI
24–30“Call Thou to remembrance … Himself a witness.”GWB LXV
36“Know ye that the world … all things hath testified.”GWB LXV
37–47“Fear God, ye inhabitants … the path of resignation.”GWB LXVI
53–54“The day is approaching … of the past or of the future.”GWB LXVI
58–72“Hearken, O King … abide and rule therein.”GWB CXIV
74“They expelled Us … on earth can compare”GPB 161
74“the place which none entereth … authority of the sovereign”GPB 161
75“Neither My family … that freezing weather.”GPB 161
78–83“I swear by God, O King! … the Lord of all worlds!”GWB CXIV
84–107“Dost thou imagine … trust and confidence in their Lord.”GWB CXIII
108“O ye divines of the City! … than all your doings.”PDC ¶224
109–111“Know ye, that had your leaders … turn upon their heels.”PDC ¶224
111“Know ye that God will not … could ye but perceive it.”PDC ¶224