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A Compilation on Bahá’í Education

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  • Various

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  • Compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice, Bahá’í World Centre, August 1976
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  • 59
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Page 43

“102: The “Magazine of the Children of the Kingdom”, the latest issue of which I…”

The “Magazine of the Children of the Kingdom”, the latest issue of which I have just received from that indefatigable pioneer of your cause, … has kindled in me such fresh hopes that I feel moved to send you this message of love and confidence in the great part you are destined to play for the future of the Cause.
I feel it is urgent and important that this first and only organ of the Bahá’í youth throughout the world should, in whatever it publishes, instil in its readers, and particularly in every Bahá’í child, the sense of his unique opportunities and future responsibilities in the great task that awaits him in future.
Its duty is to initiate, promote and mirror forth the various activities of the rising generation throughout the Bahá’í world, to establish and strengthen a bond of true fellowship amongst all the children of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá whether in the East or in the West, and to unfold to their eyes the vision of a golden future before them. It should impress upon their hearts the vital necessity of establishing, now, whilst in their tender age, a firm foundation for their mission in life.
The cause of the Children of the Kingdom, whom the Master so loved, and on whom He showered many a blessing and infinite loving-kindness, is, I assure you, still dear and close to our hearts. In you, the descendants of the heroic pioneers of a world Movement, rests the hope of achieving the task which they have so nobly begun—their task for the service and salvation of all mankind.
As to my humble share of service and support, I can but pray on your behalf, and supplicate during my hours of prayer at the three Holy Shrines, the guidance, the blessings, and the assistance of Bahá’u’lláh, beseeching Him most fervently to enable you, in the happy days to come, to establish His Kingdom and fulfil His Word.
May your Magazine inspire you to achieve this end.
(From a Letter dated 30 December 1923 written by Shoghi Effendi to the Magazine of the Children of the Kingdom, Boston, U.S.A) [102]