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Ḥuqúqu’lláh—The Right of God

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  • Compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice, Bahá’í World Centre, April 2007
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Extracts from Letters Written by and on Behalf of the Universal House of Justice

94. “Since the Ḥuqúqu’lláh has, according to the injunction…”

Since the Ḥuqúqu’lláh has, according to the injunction in the Book, been designated as one of the institutions of the Cause, and inasmuch as the fulfilment of this obligation is binding on the people of Bahá, therefore it is deemed appropriate that your Spiritual Assembly should fully familiarize the dear friends in Persia with the significance of this momentous responsibility and to promulgate gradually in the entire community such ordinances related to Ḥuqúqu’lláh as are laid down in His perspicuous Book. Obviously in pursuance of the explicit Texts solicitation of the Ḥuqúqu’lláh is not permissible, but it is the responsibility of those Trustees of the Cause to address appeals of a general character to the dear friends, so that they may become more informed about this essential obligation. God willing, through the occasional reminders issued by your Assembly, they may gain the privilege and honour of achieving this benevolent deed—a deed that draws forth heavenly blessings, serves as a means of purifying the earthly possessions of the devoted friends, and promotes the international activities of the people of Bahá.
(27 October 1963, written by the Universal House of Justice to the National Spiritual Assembly of Iran, translated from the Persian)