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Japan Will Turn Ablaze!

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  • Various

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  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Japan, 1992 revised edition
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Pages 90-91

To Local Spiritual Assemblies, 1948–1957

[Letter of September 21, 1948]

To the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tokyo
To know that a Spiritual Assembly of all Japanese members was formed in Tokyo greatly inspired him (the Guardian). This is a historic and wonderful achievement. At present it might seem to people of the world that these few devoted souls are insignificant when compared to the millions of people residing in Japan—but we who have recognized the Power of Bahá’u’lláh, and that His teaching is God’s Message to men in this day, know that the seed of the Tree of Life has at last germinated in your land, and that it will grow to overshadow all those who dwell in the islands of Japan.
The love of the Japanese people, for truth and beauty is very great, and our Guardian feels sure that gradually many souls will become attracted to the Cause of God through your persevering and devoted labours.
Your loyalty and determination touches him deeply, and he assures you all that for each one of you he will pray for guidance and 91 blessings. He urges you to work together for the Cause as one soul in different bodies, and show by your love and unity what a force lies in our Faith for the regeneration of mankind.
(signed by R. Rabbani)
(in the Guardian’s handwriting)
Dear and valued co-workers:
I was thrilled by your message and I greatly value the sentiments it expressed. I urge you to persevere and be confident, and labour unitedly for the spread of the Faith and the formation of new centres, however small, in the vicinity of your capital. I will, from all my heart, supplicate for you Divine guidance and blessings, that your historic work may flourish, your numbers increase and your highest hopes be fulfilled in the service of His glorious Faith.
Your true and grateful brother, Shoghi
(September 21, 1948)