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Japan Will Turn Ablaze!

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  • Various

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Japan, 1992 revised edition
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  • 113
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Pages 93-95

[Letter of July 24, 1953]

The beloved Guardian has said that the future of Japan from every standpoint is very bright indeed. The Faith will spread rapidly in Japan, once the public become acquainted with its universal principles, and its dynamic spirit.
What is necessary at this time is for the Bahá’ís to adhere firmly to the teachings of the Faith, and to become a clear channel through which the power of the Holy Spirit might disseminate itself throughout the country.
So far as the Ananai-kyo Movement is concerned, and their desire for affiliation:
The Bahá’ís may associate with Movements such as this, without becoming supporters and active workers therein; the object being to make friendly contacts which can be developed into firm Bahá’ís.
So far as non-Bahá’ís affiliating with the Bahá’í Faith is concerned, either a person becomes a Bahá’í and accepts Bahá’u’lláh as the divine Manifestation for this day or he does not. The tenets of the Bahá’í Faith are simple as outlined by the Guardian, but they do not permit any variations. In other words, if any members of the Ananai-kyo Movement wish to become Bahá’ís; they will be most welcome; but they can only become Bahá’ís on the basis of accepting 94 Bahá’u’lláh as a divine Manifestation, and of course, with this goes the acceptance of the Báb as the Fore-runner, and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá as the Center of the Covenant, and the present Administrative Order.
When a person has reached the sea of immortality, it is idle to keep seeking elsewhere; and when the members of the Ananai-kyo Movement reach Bahá’u’lláh in their search for a world teacher, they have reached the goal, and not another step along the path.
I presume you have received by this time full details concerning the Ten Year Crusade, and the Plan which the Guardian has enunciated for the American National Assembly to assist in the development of the Faith in Japan, so that ultimately there may be a National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís in Japan itself.
The American National Spiritual Assembly has appointed a special committee for the Asian countries, and I am quite sure you will find the very closest possible cooperation from them in the development of the work.
You will find, as the Extension Teaching work in Japan moves forward, there will have to be constant and continuous consultation with this important committee.
You can appreciate it will be entirely impossible for the International Council or the staff of the Guardian himself, to undertake the supervision of the teaching work in any one part of the world; furthermore it would be contrary to the general principle of Bahá’í administration. Under Bahá’í administration, Local Assemblies, and the development of teaching work are placed in the hands of National Assemblies. The National Assemblies themselves report directly to Haifa—to the Universal House of Justice, when it is established; and until that time, to the Guardian himself.
At the instruction of the Guardian, I am communicating with the American National Spiritual Assembly, to ask them to set up a program, whereby there will be the closest possible collaboration between their Asia Teaching Committee and your own Assembly. I hope this will be the means of all data reaching you very promptly.
The beloved Guardian asked me to convey to you his deep love. He appreciates and values very highly your devoted services to the Faith. He will pray at the Holy Shrines, for your guidance and confirmation. It is his hope that heavenly blessings may be with you at all times, and every obstacle in the path of your efforts to continually spread the Message in Japan may be removed, so that you may ultimately gain complete victory.
(signed by Leroy Ioas)
(July 24, 1953) 95