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Japan Will Turn Ablaze!

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  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Japan, 1992 revised edition
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Pages 31-32

[Tablet of December 27, 1918]

O thou possessor of a seeing heart! (Mr. Tokujiro Torii)
Although, materially speaking, thou are destitute of physical sight, yet, praise be to God, spiritual insight is thy possession. Thy heart seeth and thy spirit heareth. Bodily sight is subject to a thousand maladies and ultimately and assuredly will be obscured. Thus no importance may be attached to it. But the sight of the heart is illumined, it discerns and discovers the Divine Kingdom and is everlasting and eternal. Praise be to God, therefore, that the sight of thy heart is illumined, and the hearing of thy thought responsive.
The meetings you have organized, wherein you feel heavenly emotions and comprehend realities and significances,—that meeting is like unto the firmament with those souls as resplendent stars shining with the light of guidance. Happy is the soul that seeks, in this brilliant era, heavenly teachings, and blessed is the heart which is stirred and attracted by the love of God. At present the Sun of Truth 32 has dawned upon the land of Japan and the hope is that it may be illumined by heavenly teachings.
Convey on my behalf the utmost love and longing to Mr. D. Inouye 1 and Mr. S. Saiki 2 . My hope is that those two blessed souls may shine like unto two heavenly stars from the horizon of Japan and may be the cause of its enlightenment. That land has acquired material civilization and ephemeral advancement; we hope that it may acquire heavenly civilization.
Convey to thy respected wife my greetings and my message and the same to thy young babe, Akira 3 , whose name may be ever blessed for it is quite an appropriate one.
(December 27, 1918. Translated by Shoghi Rabbani)
1. Mr. Daiun Inouye, a Buddhist priest became a Bahá’í and gave up the priesthood.   [ Back To Reference]
2. Mr. Sensui Saiki, a writer, was greatly attracted to the Faith and assisted Miss Alexander by translating literature into Japanese.   [ Back To Reference]
3. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Torii. His name, Akira, means ‘shining light’ which the mother saw before his birth March 11, 1918.   [ Back To Reference]