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Japan Will Turn Ablaze!

  • Author:
  • Various

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Japan, 1992 revised edition
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  • 113
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Page 59

[Letter of November 14, 1928]

My dear and precious co-worker:
It always gives him (the Guardian) great pleasure to hear of the progress of the Cause in distant lands and he prays for those who are undertaking the task with great zeal and unfailing sacrifice. The activities of such devoted souls will surely leave ever-lasting traces on the history of man. The pioneer work is always the most difficult and entails the greatest sacrifice. Be thankful to God for having chosen you to undertake such a task. The Master always looked to the Eastern countries as a ready field of service and promised a great harvest to one who would sow the seed.
(signed by Soheil Afnan)
(in the Guardian’s handwriting)
My dear and precious co-worker:
Your letter has served to reveal once again the undying spirit of devotion that animates you in the service of the Cause. My prayers will be offered again for you at His Holy Shrine that you may be assisted to establish permanently a Bahá’í Spiritual Assembly in that land, and help that centre to get in close and constant touch with Assemblies both in the East and West.
Your true brother, Shoghi
(November 14, 1928)