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The Dawn-Breakers: Nabíl’s Narrative of the Early Days of the Bahá’í Revelation

  • Author:
  • Nabil

  • Source:
  • US Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 1932 edition
  • Pages:
  • 676
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Pages xvii-xxi


FRONTISPIECE The Inmost Shrine of the Báb
First Letter of the Living Mullá Husayn-i-Bushrú’í
Second Letter of the Living Muhammad Hasan (His Brother)
Third Letter of the Living Muhammad-Báqir (His Nephew)
Fourth Letter of the Living Mullá ‘Alíy-i-Bastamí
Fifth Letter of the Living Mullá Khudá-Bakhsh-i-Quchání (later named Mullá ’Ali)
Sixth Letter of the Living Mullá Hasan-i-Bajistání
Seventh Letter of the Living Siyyid Husayn-i-Yazdí
Eighth Letter of the Living Mírzá Muhammad Rawdih-Khán-i-Yazdí
Ninth Letter of the Living Sa’íd-i-Hindí
Tenth Letter of the Living Mullá Mahmúd-i-Khú’í
Eleventh Letter of the Living Mullá Jalíl-i-Urúmí
Twelfth Letter of the Living Mullá Ahmad-i-Ibdal-i-Marághi’í
Thirteenth Letter of the Living Mullá Báqir-i-Tabrízí
Fourteenth Letter of the Living Mullá Yusif-i-Ardibílí
Fifteenth Letter of the Living Mírzá Hádí (Son of Mullá ‘Abdu’l-Vahháb-i-Qazvíní)
Sixteenth Letter of the Living Mírzá Muhammad-i ‘Alíy-i-Qazvíní
Seventeenth Letter of the Living Táhirih
Eighteenth Letter of the Living Quddús
Nineteenth Letter of the Living The Báb Himself
Twentieth Letter of the Living Bahá’u’lláh “Him Who Will Be Made Manifest”
Muhammad-i-Zarandí surnamed Nabíl-i-‘Azam Opposite page lxiii
Shaykh Ahmad-i-Ahsá’í Opposite page 1
General View of Najaf 3
Fath-‘Alí Sháh and Sons 6
Painting of Mírzá Buzurg (Father of Bahá’u’lláh) 11
View of Karbilá 26
Entrance to the Shrine of Imám Husayn in Karbilá 28
Shrine of Imám Husayn in Karbilá 29
View of Kazímayn 41
Section of the Masjid-i-Baratha 43
Site of Siyyid Kázim’s Resting Place (tombstone now removed) 44
Home of Mullá Husayn in Bushrúyih 49
Views of the Masjid-i-Ílkhání 51
General View of Shíráz 52
Room in the Masjid-i-Ílkhání, Shíráz, in which the Báb and Mullá Husayn met 53
Orange Tree Planted by the Báb in the Courtyard of His House in Shíráz 54
The Báb’s Brazier and Samovar 55
The Room where the Báb was born in Shíráz 56
Outskirts of Shíráz where the Báb went to walk 58
Views of the Upper Room of the Báb’s House in Shíráz where He Declared His Mission 58
Views of the Báb’s House in Shíráz, showing His Bed Chamber, His Mother’s Room, His Sitting Room 60
Views of the Báb’s House in Shíráz where He Declared His Mission, showing Original Sash and Door, Entrance, and Steps Leading to the Declaration Chamber 64
Views of the Public Bath in Shíráz, where the Báb went as a Child 71
xviii Entrance Door and Ruins of the Qahviy-i-Awliya, in Shíráz, the School the Báb attended 73
Grave of the Báb’s Wife in Sháh-Chiragh, Shíráz 74
Tree Marking Resting Place of the Báb’s Infant Son in Bábí-Dukhtarán, Shíráz 74
Facsimile of Táhirih’s Handwriting 78
Site of the Kazirán Gate, Shíráz 86
The Market-Street of Vakíl, Shíráz 86
The Madrisih of Ním-Ávard, Isfahán 95
Views of Tihrán 102
Áqáy-i-Kalím, Brother of Bahá’u’lláh 103
Views of the House of Bahá’u’lláh in Tihrán 105
Approach to the Ruins of Bahá’u’lláh’s Original Home in Tákúr, Mázindarán 110
Inscription placed by the Vazír, Mírzá Buzurg, above Door of Home in Tákúr 112
Views of the House Occupied by Bahá’u’lláh in Tákúr, Mázindarán 115
Views of the Mosque of Gawhar-Shád in Mashhad, showing Pulpit where Mullá Husayn preached 124
View of the “Bábíyyih” in Mashhad 127
Drawing of Mecca 129
Relics of the Báb, showing Dress worn under the Jubbih (outer coat) 133
Relics of the Báb, showing Cap around which the Turban was wound 134
Cloth Worn By the Báb when Circumambulating the Ka‘bih 135
Drawing of Medina 139
Views of the Masjid-i-Naw 144
Views of the Masjid-i-Vakíl, Shíráz, showing Section of the Interior, Pulpit from which the Báb Addressed the Congregation, and Entrance Door 152
Views of the House of Quddus’ Father in Barfurúsh 182
Siyyid Javád-i-Karbilá’í 189
Interior of Hájí Mírzá ‘Alí’s House in Shíráz, (the Báb’s Maternal Uncle) 192
View of Isfahán 199
Views of the House of the Imám-i-Jum’ih in Isfahán, showing Entrance and Courtyard 200
Views of the Masjid-i-Jum’ih in Isfahán, showing Pulpit before which the Báb Prayed 203
Views of the House of the Mu’tamídu’d-Dawlih in Isfahán 206
View of the Imárat-i-Khurshíd in Isfahán, showing Ruins of the Section the Báb Occupied 210
Manúchihr Khán, The Mu’tamidu’d-i-Dawlih 211
View of Káshán 217
Gate of Attár, Káshán 218
Views of the House of Hájí Mírzá Jání in Káshán, showing Room where the Báb stayed 220
Views of Qum, showing the Haram-i-Ma’Súmih 223
Village of Qummrud 225
Ruins of the Fortress of Kinár-Gird 225
Views of the Village of Kulayn 226
Muhammad Sháh 229
Hájí Mírzá Aqásí 233
Panorama of Tabríz 238
The Ark (Citadel) of Tabríz where the Báb was Confined, showing Interior and Exterior (X) of Room He Occupied 238
Castle of Máh-Kú 242
View of Milán in Adharbayján 257
Houses in which Táhirih lived in Qazvín 274
Táhirih’s Library in her Father’s House in Qazvín 275
Village of Sháh-Rud 291
Hamlet of Badasht 292
The Persian Howdah 296
Castle of Chihríq 301
The House Occupied by the Báb in Urúmíyyih, The Bálá-Khánih (X) showing Room in which He stayed 310
xix Násiri’d-Dín Sháh as a Child, showing Mírzá Abu’l-Qásim, the Qá’im-Maqám on his right and Hájí Mírzá Aqásí on his left, on extreme left (X) stands Manúchihr Khán, the Mu’tamídu’d-Dawlih 314
Násiri’d-Dín Sháh 315
Násiri’d-Dín Sháh 316
Eminent Persian Mujtahids 317
The Namaz-Khanih of Shaykhu’l-Islám of Tabríz, showing corner (X) where the Báb was Bastinadoed 318
Village of Nishápúr 325
Views of the Village of Miyamay, showing Exterior and Interior of the Masjid where Mullá Husayn and his companions prayed 326
House of the Sa’ídu’l-‘Ulamá’ in Barfurúsh, Mázindarán 334
Views of the Caravanserai of Sabzih-Maydán in Mázindarán 335
The Shrine of Shaykh Tabarsí 343
Views of the Site of the Fort of Tabarsí, showing the Tomb of the Shaykh and the Site of the Fort that enclosed the Shrine 344
Entrance of the Shrine of Shaykh Tabarsí in Mázindarán 345
Plans and Sketches of the Fort of Shaykh Tabarsí 348
House of Mírzá Muhammad-Taqí, the Mujtahid, in Sarí, Mázindarán 350
Village of Afra 360
Village of Shír-Gáh 362
Village of Riz-Ab 364
Village of Fírúz-Kúh 364
Village of Vas-Kas 364
View of Ámul 370
House of the Governor of Ámul 370
Views of the Masjid of Ámul, (X) showing the place where opening was made in Wall 373
Tree from which Mullá Husayn was shot 380
Village of Dizva 401
Views of the Madrisih of Mírzá Zakí, in Barfurúsh, the Resting Place of Quddús 412
Muhammad Ridá, (One of the Companions of Quddús, who survived the Struggle of Shaykh Tabarsí) 427
Mírzá Abú-Talíb (Companion of Quddús who survived the Struggle of Shaykh Tabarsí) 428
Views of the Masjid-i-Sháh of Tihrán 438
The Madrisih of Mírzá Sálih in Tihrán 440
The Madrisiy-i-Sadr in Tihrán, (X) showing Room Bahá’u’lláh Occupied 442
The Madrisih of Daru’sh-Shafáy-i-Masjid-i-Sháh in Tihrán 443
The Sabzih-Maydán of Tihrán 457
Gate of Naw, Tihrán 457
Panorama of Yazd 462
Vahíd’s House in Yazd 466
Views of the Fort of Narin, Yazd 470
Panorama of Nayríz 478
Vahíd’s House in Nayríz 479
The Fort of Khájih 480
Vahíd’s Room in the Fort 480
The Masjid-i-Jami’ at Nayríz 492
Site of the Martyrdoms at Nayríz 497
Graves of the Martyrs at Nayríz 497
Vahíd’s Resting-Place at Nayríz 498
Mírzá Taqí Khán, the Amír-Nizám 500
The Báb’s Prayer Beads and Signet Ring 503
Qur’án belonging to the Báb 503
Ruins of the House Mullá Muhammad-i-Mamaqání, the Mujtahid of Tabríz 509
The Barrack-Square in Tabríz, where the Báb suffered Martyrdom (X) showing place where He was Suspended and shot) 511
Site of the Moat that surrounded Tabríz, where the Báb’s Body was thrown 517
xx View of the Imám-Zádih Hasan at Tihrán, where the Báb’s Body was kept 520
View of Zanján 527
Views of the Masjid built for Hujjat by his companions 528
The Caravanserai of Mírzá Ma’súm-i-Tabíb at Zanján, (X) showing Room the Báb Occupied 535
Graves of Ashraf (1) and his Mother (2) 562
Entrance to Hujjat’s ruined House at Zanján 571
Square in Zanján where Hujjat’s Body was left exposed for three days 578
Hájí Imám (X) showing One of the survivors of the struggle of Zanján 579
Village of Afchih near Tihrán (showing Bahá’u’lláh’s House through trees) 597
Murgh-Mahallih, Bahá’u’lláh’s Summer Residence in Shimírán 598
View of Níyávarán near Tihrán 602
The Russian Legation in the Village of Zarkandih 604
Southern part of Tihrán where criminals were hanged and where many Bahá’ís were martyred, (X) indicates site of Síyáh-Chál 607
Bahá’í Family martyred in Persia 610
Believers gathered around the Body of a Martyr 611
The House of the Kalantar in Tihrán where Táhirih was confined 623
Costumes worn by Persian Ladies in the middle of the 19th Century (showing Indoor and Outdoor dress) 624
Site of the Garden of Ílkhání where Táhirih was Martyred 626
General View of Tákúr in Mázindarán 638
Ruins of Bahá’u’lláh’s House, originally belonging to the Vazír, His Father in Tákúr, Mázindarán 640
View of Ábádih 644
The Hádíqatu’r-Rahmán, where the Heads of the Martyrs of Nayríz Lie Buried 645
Views of Baghdád 649
Bahá’u’lláh’s House in Baghdád 662
View of the Illuminated Shrine of the Báb on Mount Carmel 666
Map of Persia 677