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Arohanui: Letters from Shoghi Effendi to New Zealand

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Suva, Fiji Islands, 1982 edition
  • Pages:
  • 104
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Pages 50-52

(37) December 19th, 1947

Dear Bahá’í Brother:
Your letter to our beloved Guardian, dated Dec. 12th has been received, and he has instructed me to answer it on his behalf. The previous letter you mention cannot have reached him, as he always replies to letters from the friends.
Your book[+E10] touches on a very important subject, and he regrets that he cannot read it himself. His work is so pressing and multiplying so fast that he invariably refuses to go over the manuscripts the friends send him as he simply cannot attend to such things as well as all his other work. You should send it to the Reviewing Com. in the U.S.A. and ask 51 their advice. Perhaps an outside publisher would be interested in it? The Bahá’í funds have such heavy demands made on them at present that even essential literature must often wait to be published, unfortunately.
He fully appreciates the fact that the believers locally, in different parts of the world, often feel that their political party is in many ways striving to accomplish ideals akin to our Bahá’í aims—but the fact remains that the only way for the Bahá’ís to preserve their international character, their unity and integrity, is for them individually to sacrifice these desired political affiliations for the universal good and protection of the Faith. There is no political party in existence with whose platform we wholly agree, and we must abstain from membership in such parties. Likewise people who join the Faith must have the courage and conviction to leave their political affiliations behind.
There is no reason why this should cause enmity as they are not joining another party, but a universal Faith striving for the advancement of the entire human race. He thinks there is very little possibility of any politician joining the Faith. The sacrifice of such individuals’ personal ambitions is too great a one for them to make. The condition of the world today is such that it is obvious no political solution to its problems is going to be found. We Bahá’ís must therefore concentrate on Bahá’u’lláh’s World Order—the true solution.
He assures you he will pray your teaching labours may be very successful. He will also pray for your dear mother’s welfare.
With warmest greetings,
R. Rabbani
[From the Guardian:]
Assuring you of my loving prayers for your welfare and success in the service of our beloved Faith,
Your true brother,
Shoghi 52