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Dawn of a New Day

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of India, date unknown
  • Pages:
  • 228
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Pages 104-106

Centenary Celebrations

The friends in India are, after years of labour and devotion, beginning to find their number greatly increased, their assemblies multiplied, their Faith increasingly well-known to the public; they are about to initiate their first national headquarters, and in a few months will be celebrating the glorious occasion of the hundredth anniversary of their Faith. At such a critical time they should, one and all, devote their energies to achieving their 105 objectives and impressing upon the public the nobility and beauty of their teachings, divinely inspired, and of such vast import to the entire world, and cast aside, once for all, any differences of opinion or personal viewpoints or prejudices that may hinder the success of their plans and cast a blight on the wonderful achievements they have carried out and are about to crown with still greater victories.
The Guardian feels that the N.S.A. must from now on coordinate its plans and set in motion its preparations for the Centenary Celebration. The believers must hold gatherings for the Baha’is at exactly 2 hours and 11 minutes after sunset on May 22nd, 1944 as this is the exact time when the Bab declared His Mission to Mulla Hussayn. They should also arrange to hold public gatherings on May 23rd and enlist the support of prominent friends of the Faith as speakers, together with Baha’i speakers, on that occasion. They should, as far as possible, hold festive gatherings at this time, give banquets at which friends of the Cause and believers are present, obtain as much space in the press of India as possible, and in general devise ways and means of making this a glorious and memorable celebration. He would also like to have the N.S.A. publish, in conjunction with the Centenary, a pamphlet giving a brief outline of the Faith’s origin and teachings and major events in India, since its establishment there, and a detailed outline of the accomplishments of the Indian Baha’i Community, its early history, its development, etc.
He has been greatly encouraged by the progress made by the Indian Baha’i Community in recent years, and he longs to see them shine still brighter amidst its fellow communities the world over.
You may be sure that his loving prayers will be offered on your behalf and on behalf of all the other N.S.A. members, that you may speedily find a suitable Hazira, that the Cause may go on to still greater triumphs during this last year of the Century, and that the unity of the friends may be increased everywhere, as befits our Holy Faith. 106
[From the Guardian:]
The celebration of the Centenary of our glorious Faith by the friends in India should, under your direction, and with your encouragement and the assistance of individuals and local Assemblies throughout India, constitute a befitting conclusion to the magnificent labours and accomplishments that have marked your stewardship in the service of the Cause of Baha’u’llah in recent years. A special fund should be initiated, a strong committee should be set up, the utmost care should be taken, the most diligent efforts should be exerted and every sacrifice should be made to ensure the unqualified success of this great undertaking. I will pray for your success from the depths of my heart. There is no time to lose. The Beloved will, no doubt, crown your exertions with signal victory if you arise and persevere.
June 22, 1943