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High Endeavours: Messages to Alaska

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  • Various

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  • Alaska, 1976 edition
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Pages 19-20

(17) April 23, 1954

(17) April 23, 1954
Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Anchorage
Dear Bahá’í Friends:
Your letter of April 6th has been received by the beloved Guardian, and he has instructed me to answer you on his behalf. 20
In regard to the matters you raised in it, he feels that the Hazíratu’l-Quds should be inside the city limits. Ten miles from the town is too far out to be practical. 1
The first thing is to acquire, if possible, either a building site or a building; but pending the possibility of doing this, which no doubt will involve considerable expenditure, he advises you to go on augmenting the Hazíratu’l-Quds Fund.
He would like you to please forward him a list of all the places where there are Bahá’ís throughout Alaskan territory, specifying whether it is an Assembly, a Group or an isolated Centre.
Although he attaches great importance to the opening of new Centres throughout any territory, including, of course, Alaska, he wishes you to give special attention to sending a pioneer to Point Barrow, beyond the Arctic Circle. He feels that there is a great significance in having believers serving so far north; and he hopes that one of the friends will be able to secure some employment there and proceed to act as a pioneer in this highly meritorious field.
All the news that you gave him was good news, and he appreciated it deeply.
You may be sure that his loving prayers will surround you and all the friends, as they labour to carry the Faith throughout Alaskan territory, and to hasten the day when it will have its own independent National Spiritual Assembly.
With Bahá’í love,
R. Rabbani
[From the Guardian:]
May the Beloved bless your efforts, guide your steps, and enable you to win great victories in the service of His Faith.
Your true brother,
1. (Letter No. 17) Based on these directions from the Guardian, the first Hazíratu’l-Quds was purchased inside the City limits at 810–8th Avenue. At that time (1955) the population of Anchorage was less than 25,000 concentrated around what is now downtown Anchorage. Following the earthquake in 1964, it was necessary to abandon the original Hazíratu’l-Quds. The property was sold for $20,000 and a diligent year-long effort was made to find a suitable replacement. Nothing appropriate could be found inside the city limits within the price range. Guidance was requested from the Universal House of Justice. In a letter dated May 11, 1965, they stated the following, “…we feel that it is more important that you should acquire a national Hazíratu’l-Quds for Alaska without delay. Preferably is should be within the civic limits of Anchorage but if you cannot find a suitable building which can be purchased for the $20,000 which you have available, you should look for a location in the immediate suburbs of Anchorage….”   [ Back To Reference]