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High Endeavours: Messages to Alaska

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  • Alaska, 1976 edition
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Pages 45-48


Letters to Individuals, 1946–1957. These letters were addressed to many individuals who continued to write directly to the Holy Land after the formation of the institutions. The tone of the letters reflects personal interests rather than institutional development. 46 47

(56) July 30, 1946

(56) July 30, 1946
Dear Bahá’í Sister:
Your letter dated July 17th has been received, and the beloved Guardian has instructed me to answer it on his behalf.
He was very pleased to hear the Alaskan believers are so active, and that you have witnessed with your own eyes such a wonderful development of the Faith there these last few years, since you went there as a pioneer.
He was also delighted to hear Mr. Oliver is anxious to translate some of the Writings into Eskimo; please assure him this would be rendering both the Eskimos and the Cause a great service. If anything is printed in that language the Guardian would like to receive copies for the libraries here.
He hopes through the “Arctic Trails Shopping Service” you will be able to demonstrate the fairness, uprightness, and nobility of the adherents of the Bahá’í Faith to the people it deals with, as this will more than anything else attract their attention to the Faith.
As to your own plans: if you are absolutely certain that your departure from Alaska will not in any way affect the stability of the Cause there, he approves of your suggestion that you go to Europe and assist the work there. If, on your way, you could visit and do some teaching in England it would help the British Bahá’ís very much, as they are embarking on a very heavy teaching schedule. He will pray that your family there may become attracted to the Faith.
Assuring you of his deep appreciation of your wonderful services and his loving prayers.
Yours in the Faith,
R. Rabbani
P.S.—If Mr. Oliver would begin by translating even a small pamphlet into Eskimo at once this would be a much appreciated service. Please send him some printed copies as soon as available. Please assure this dear friend that his service is highly meritorious. 48
[From the Guardian:]
Assuring you of my deepfelt and abiding gratitude for the splendid and historic services you have rendered our beloved Faith and of my constant prayers for the extension of your valued activities, and the realization of every hope you cherish for the advancement of its institutions,
Your true and grateful brother,