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High Endeavours: Messages to Alaska

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  • Various

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  • Alaska, 1976 edition
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  • 79
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Pages 51-52

(62) March 29, 1953

(62) March 29, 1953
Dear Bahá’í Sister:
Your loving letter of February 14th has been received by the beloved Guardian, and he has asked me to acknowledge it on his behalf.
The contribution which you have made to the Shrine of the Báb is very greatly appreciated. Receipt is enclosed herewith.
The work on the dome of the Shrine is going forward quite satisfactorily. The brim of the dome has been finished. As additional units of the building are completed, it adds to the stateliness of the entire structure, and permits one to realize how beautiful it is going to be.
The Guardian very deeply appreciates the wonderful work you are doing in connection with the spread of the Faith.
The Eskimo booklet which you submitted for his approval he feels should be submitted to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States for their review. The reason for this is that they are closely in touch with the teaching work, and therefore well qualified to decide just what should and what should not be included in such a pamphlet.
He hopes you and Frances Wells will work very closely with the National Spiritual Assembly in connection with this important service.
The Guardian is extremely anxious that the Eskimos be brought into the Faith. He values very highly indeed the very wonderful services rendered by Mrs. Wells. He feels that she has sacrificed very deeply in order to carry the light of guidance to the seeking peoples of the world, particularly in Alaska, and now with the Eskimos. You may be sure the Guardian will pray for her spiritual success and her spiritual happiness.
The Guardian will likewise be very happy to pray for Mrs. Hadley 52 Ferguson of Fairbanks, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Greene, Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Pirkey, Mrs. Perry Bane, and Dr. Saul Mackoff.
The Guardian has communicated with the National Spiritual Assembly with regard to the efforts being made by yourself and Mrs. Wells as well as others in connection with the introduction of the Faith amongst the Eskimos, asking them to render every possible assistance to this most important work. It is impossible to let you know how important the Guardian feels the introduction of the Faith amongst the Eskimos is at this particular time.
With warm Bahá’í greetings,
Leroy Ioas
Assistant Secretary
P.S.—The draft of your pamphlet is being sent direct to the National Spiritual Assembly.