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Letters from the Guardian to Australia and New Zealand

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • Australia, 1971 reprint
  • Pages:
  • 140
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Pages 81-82

Letter of 4 September, 1949

N.S.A. of Australia and New Zealand, Mrs. Mariette Bolton, Secretary.
4 September, 1949.
Dear Bahá’í Sister:
This is just a little note to ask you, on behalf of our beloved Guardian, to please make the following corrections in a quotation of his words, published in the August number of your Bahá’í News Bulletin, on page 5: “As the processes impelling” (not “in filling”); in the sentence lower down, reading: “the deepening of the faith, understanding and spiritual life…” both “faith” and “spiritual” should not be capitalized, but be printed as I have written them above; after the words “this historic evolution” there should be a period, as it is the end of the sentence.
Hoping you received the long letter recently mailed you, and with loving Bahá’í greetings,
R. Rabbani.
P.S. He wishes to thank you and dear Mr. Bolton for the loving gift of Bolton Place to the Bahá’í Community of Australia. This 82 is an excellent example, and befitting gesture, for it has many associations with the spread and development of the Faith in Australia, and has further enriched the record of your historic services to the Faith.