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The Light of Divine Guidance (Volume 1)

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Germany (Bahá’í-Verlag), 1982 edition
  • Pages:
  • 311
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Pages 97-98

Letter of 6 June 1939

6 June 1939
My Dear Friend,
I am directed by Shoghi Effendi to thank you for your letter of May 19th.
Although he was very sorry to hear of the deep misunderstandings and lack of unity that still exists in …, he is thankful to you for your writing him about it, and he knows full well that you wrote because you are animated with a deep desire to remove all ill-feelings among the friends there.
The fact is that the Guardian is very sad over the present condition and because it is almost impossible for him to intervene from such a distance and without hearing both sides, he has written over and over again asking that the friends should gather, should talk frankly and fully without ill-feeling and should solve their difficulty. This to Shoghi 98 Effendi’s deep disappointment has not been possible, Mr. Herrigel has been uncompromising and firm and the result is that the Cause in … is at a standstill. This is why Shoghi Effendi would ask everyone and especially yourself to make every effort and help the situation….
[From the Guardian:]
My dear co-worker:
A trusted friend of ours, Dr. Yunis Khán is proceeding to Germany to visit the Bahá’í centres and I trust he will be enabled to promote true understanding and sustained cooperation in…. He is most trustworthy and capable. I will continue to pray for you from the depths of my heart. Rest assured and never feel disheartened.
Your true brother, Shoghi