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The Light of Divine Guidance (Volume 2)

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Germany (Bahá’í-Verlag), 1985 edition
  • Pages:
  • 133
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Pages 50-51

Letter of 11 July 1946

11 July 1946
The Bahá’í Community, Esslingen
Dear Bahá’í Friends:
Your letter dated May 23rd has reached our beloved Guardian, and he has instructed me to answer you on his behalf, and to thank you for the loving greetings you sent him.
He hopes that now the believers in Germany are at last free to work for the Cause they will strive together—as the Master desired—as one soul in many bodies and show forth such an example of love and unity within the Bahá’í Community that the hearts of the people will be attracted to them. The world is longing 51 for example more than for anything else, for on all sides we hear good advice but see no sincerity and no practicing of what people are preaching!
He assures you all his loving prayers are offered on your behalf and for the success of your Bahá’í work…
[From the Guardian:]
Dear and valued co-workers:
I was so pleased to hear from you and to receive such expressions of devotion and determination in the service of our beloved Faith. Your centre is near and dear to my heart, and you are, I assure you, often in my thoughts. I will pray for your success, for the extension of your activities, and the speedy realization of the hopes you cherish for the advancement of our glorious Faith,
Your true and grateful brother,