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Unfolding Destiny

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • UK Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 1981 edition
  • Pages:
  • 490
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Pages 143-144

Letter of 30 April 1941

30 April 1941 1
Dear Bahá’í Friends,
Shoghi Effendi has instructed me to answer your letter to him of December 9th, 1940.
He was greatly relieved to hear from your letter and cables that all the dear friends in the British Isles are well and safe, as his thoughts have been so constantly with them during these dangerous and tragic days.
The extreme devotion to the Faith of Bahá’u’lláh which the English friends are evincing at such a time of trial and suffering not only sets a truly heroic example to their fellow Bahá’ís the world over, but greatly cheers and encourages the Guardian himself, at a time when he has every reason to long to see the Bahá’ís stand out as luminous examples to their fellow-men—thus leading them out of the valley of spiritual death into the glorious plains of the future World Order of Mankind.
The recently received news of the Convention’s resolve to teach the Faith as never before in those islands, and to achieve new victories in this all-important field, meets not only with Shoghi Effendi’s whole-hearted approval, but also evokes his profound gratitude and admiration. His ardent and loving prayers continually surround you all and all the sorely tried Bahá’ís, who with you are toiling for the triumph of our Faith.
He was deeply touched at the spirit which impelled Lord Lamington to wish to place in the hands of the Guardian that ring which he had for so long treasured as a gift of the beloved Master. He feels that it is only befitting that this historic relic should be the property of the British Bahá’ís and wishes it to be kept in your National Archives. If you could send a copy of Lady Lamington’s letter the Guardian would very much like to have it. Assuring you of the Guardian’s ardent love and prayers….
[From the Guardian:]
Dearly beloved co-workers,
The message I have recently received, with the assurance it gives me and the spirit it conveys, merits indeed the highest praise. The English believers in these days of increasing peril and stress, are manifesting 144 those qualities which only those who have deeply imbibed the transforming spirit and the ennobling principles of the Cause of God are able to reveal. They are by their very acts, their sufferings and exertions, and above all by the superb staunchness of their faith, laying a magnificent foundation for the spiritual edifice their hands are destined to raise in their native land. My prayers for them all will surround them wherever they labour and in every sphere of their meritorious activities.
Gratefully and affectionately,
1. This was the first letter received by the British N.S.A. in which the secretarial part was written by, and signed, “R. Rabbání” (Amatu’l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum).   [ Back To Reference]