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Unfolding Destiny

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • UK Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 1981 edition
  • Pages:
  • 490
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Pages 187-188

Letter of 7 June 1946

7 June 1946
National Youth Committee
Dear Bahá’í Sister,
Your letter dated May 16th and written on behalf of the National Youth Committee, was received, and the beloved Guardian has instructed me to answer it on his behalf.
He is very happy to see that the Bahá’í Youth of the British Isles are now organised and working with enthusiasm for the spread of the Faith there. He feels that they have a great and important rôle to play during the next few years in fulfilling the objectives of the Six Year Plan.
Young people, being, for the most part, freer than the older believers, are in a position to arise as pioneers and move to new towns as settlers. A great number of the pioneers in America, who left their native cities, and often their native land, in order to fulfil the Seven Year Plan, were young people—some of them so young that the Spiritual Assemblies they helped to establish they were themselves not yet old enough to be elected to!
The Guardian has enjoyed very much meeting Capt. Philip Hainsworth (see endnote) , who had the unique privilege of being in Haifa for over a month, and he feels sure that upon his return to England he will lend great impetus to both the Youth and teaching work. 188
He heartily approves of your “Youth Bulletin” project and urges you to place special emphasis on articles that are of pertinent interest to young people, such as those dealing with the economic, social and moral aspects of society.
Assuring you, and all the members of your Committee, of his loving prayers for the success of your labours….
[From the Guardian:]
May the Beloved bless your meritorious endeavours, guide every step you take in the path of service, aid you to extend the range of your activities, and enable you to promote, by every means in your power, and in a most effective manner, the vital interests of a Plan with which the immediate destinies of the members of the English Bahá’í Community, both young and old, are so inextricably interwoven.
Your true brother,