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Unfolding Destiny

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • UK Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 1981 edition
  • Pages:
  • 490
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Pages 252-254

Letter of 28 June 1950

28 June 1950
Dear Bahá’í Brother,
Your letters dated June 6th and two of June 13th have just reached the Guardian, with their enclosures, and he wishes you 253 to please regard this as a sort of postscript to the detailed letter to your Assembly which was mailed a short time ago. He thanks you for the copies of correspondence with the Official Solicitor, and trusts this matter is now satisfactorily settled.
He approves of the advice your Assembly has given…. However, he does not approve of … going to Canada or South America. He has been forced, owing to the very unfortunate influence of certain so-called Bahá’ís from Persia, to lay down a general rule that no Persians for the present proceed to North or South America. As many sincere souls have, through obedience to his instructions, given up trips to those territories, he feels he cannot permit any exceptions to be made, not even for so important a purpose as pioneering. This would be a manifest injustice to those who have obeyed him with an exemplary spirit. He feels sure … will understand and accept this. There are a great many places where they can serve the Faith in the East, in Europe, or in Africa.
Whatever form of co-operation will get the best results your Assembly is free to decide upon in regard to the Egyptian and American N.S.A.s’ extension teaching in Africa. He feels, however, that simultaneous activity is more practicable at present.
There are no specific tribes listed in the Master’s Tablets; the pioneering should be directed at present towards the most feasible possibilities.
The Guardian feels that Kenya, as it already has a Bahá’í, should be excluded from your Plan. Uganda and Tanganyika would be much more suitable in conjunction with any other territory, but not Nigeria, which already has some Bahá’ís. However, it must not necessarily be these two.
Entirely aside from any additional literature it might be possible to get out in Hausa and Swahili he feels your objective must be to print at least a pamphlet in three languages other than those Philip Hainsworth has tackled. It must be borne in mind that printing in new languages kills two birds with one stone—not only does it enable the Faith to reach new elements, but it also enriches our literature and is excellent as a means of calling the attention of the public to the universality of our Cause and the extent of our world-wide activities!
He will be delighted to receive the reports regarding the progress of the British Bahá’ís’ first overseas mission. 254
P.S. Regarding expenditures: the Guardian feels that the greatest effort should be made to curtail everything that is not essential; this is the primary responsibility of the N.S.A. The Guardian will be very pleased to receive copies of the reports of the Africa and Consolidation Committees and was pleased to read the first two reports.