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Selections From the Writings of the Báb

  • Author:
  • The Báb

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í World Centre, 1982 lightweight edition
  • Pages:
  • 217
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Pages 61-62

“O PEOPLES of the earth! Verily the resplendent Light of …”

O PEOPLES of the earth! Verily the resplendent Light of God hath appeared in your midst, invested with this unerring Book, that ye may be guided aright to the ways of peace and, by the leave of God, step out of the darkness into the light and onto this far-extended Path of Truth 162
God hath, out of sheer nothingness and through the potency of His command, created the heavens and the earth and whatever lieth between them. He is single and peerless in His eternal unity with none to join partner with His holy Essence, nor is there any soul, except His Own Self, who can befittingly comprehend Him…
O peoples of the earth! Verily His Remembrance is come to you from God after an interval during which there were no Messengers, 2 that He may purge and purify you from uncleanliness in anticipation of the Day of the One true God; therefore seek ye whole-heartedly divine blessings from Him, inasmuch as We have, in truth, chosen Him to be the Witness and the Source of wisdom unto all that dwell on earth…
O Qurratu’l-‘Ayn! Proclaim that which hath been sent down unto Thee as a token of the grace of the merciful Lord, for if Thou do it not, Our secret will never be made known to the people, 3 while the purpose of God in creating man is but for him to know Him. Indeed God hath knowledge of all things and is self-sufficient above the need of all mankind. Chapter LXII.
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