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Tablets of Abdul-Baha Abbas

  • Author:
  • ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Committee, 1909 edition
  • Pages:
  • 730
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Pages 35-38

“O ye my divine friends!…”

O ye my divine friends! 1
At a time when the sea of tests had become tempestuous and the waves of calamity were heaving and the hosts of nations were in the utmost violence and the people of oppression dealt with infinite injustice, some of the calumniators, uniting with our unkind brother, wrote a letter replete with false accusations and engaged in seditions and calumnies.
They confused the mind of the government and agitated the state authorities. From this it is evident how a prisoner in this ruined walled city would fare and how the conditions are so full of perplexity and confusion as to baffle all description! Notwithstanding, this imprisoned exile is in the utmost firmness and calmness, trusts in His Highness the Peerless God, and wishes for every calamity and affliction in the path of the love of God! (To us) the arrow of oppression is a rich flow of divine bounty, and deadly poison is a swift-healing antidote.
We were in such a state when a letter came from the friends in America. The whole of its contents showed an agreement on their part to be in unity and harmony in all respects, and it was signed by all, determined to be self-sacrificing in the path of the love of God, in order thus to secure eternal life.
Upon perusing that letter and looking at the name signed to it, such a joy and gladness came over Abdul-Baha as is beyond description, and he thanked God that such friends are found in that country, who in utmost joy and fragrance are in union and accord and 36 one in agreement with each other. The more this Covenant is strengthened, the happier, the better, the sweeter it will be and it will thus attract the divine confirmations. If the friends of God are wishing for confirmation in order to enjoy the friendship of the Supreme Concourse, they must exert themselves to confirm and strengthen this Covenant; for the making of a covenant, and an alliance for brotherhood and unity is like unto the irrigation of the tree of life which is conducive to eternal life!
Briefly, O ye friends of God! Make your feet firm, make a firm compact, and in union and accord endeavor to diffuse the fragrance of the love of God and to spread the divine teachings, in order that ye may impart life to the dead body of this world, and bestow a real healing on every one diseased (in soul).
O ye friends of God! The world is like the body of man—it hath become sick, feeble and infirm. Its eye is devoid of sight, its ear hath become destitute of hearing and its faculties of sense are entirely dissolved. The friends of God must become as wise physicians and care for and heal this sick person, in accord with the divine teachings, in order that—God willing—it may perchance gain health, find eternal healing and that its lost powers may be restored; and that the person of the world may find such health, freshness and purity that it will appear in the utmost beauty and charm.
The first remedy is to guide the people, so that they may turn unto God, hearken unto the divine commandments and go forth with a hearing ear and seeing eye. After this swift and certain remedy hath been applied, then according to the divine teachings, they ought to 37 be trained in the conduct, morals and deeds of the Supreme Concourse, encouraged and inspire with the gifts of the Kingdom of ABHA. The hearts should be purified and cleansed from every trace of hatred and rancor and enabled to engage in truthfulness, conciliation, uprightness and love toward the world of humanity; so that the East and the West may embrace each other like unto two lovers, enmity and animosity may vanish from the human world and the universal peace be established!
O ye friends of God! Be kind to all peoples and nations, have love for all of them, exert yourselves to purify the hearts as much as you can, and bestow abundant effort in rejoicing the souls. Be ye a sprinkling of rain to every meadow and a water of life to every tree. Be ye as fragrant musk to every nostril and a soul-refreshing breeze to every invalid. Be ye salutary water to every thirsty one, a wise guide to every one led astray, an affectionate father or mother to every orphan, and, in the utmost joy and fragrance, a son or daughter to every one bent with age. Be ye a rich treasure to every indigent one; consider love and union as a delectable paradise, and count annoyance and hostility as the torment of hell-fire. Exert with your soul; seek no rest in body; supplicate and beseech with your heart and search for divine assistance and favor, in order that ye may make this world the Paradise of ABHA and this terrestrial globe the arena of the Supreme Kingdom. If ye make an effort, it is certain that these lights will shine, this cloud of mercy shall rain, this soul-nourishing breeze shall waft, and the scent of this most fragrant musk be diffused. 38
O ye friends of God! Be ye not concerned with the events transpiring at this Blessed Spot, and give no thought thereto. Whatever may happen is good, for calamities are bestowal itself, hardship is the reality of mercy, discomposure is but composure of mind, and sacrifice of life is a manifest gift. Whatever may happen is a bounty from God, the Most High. Be ye engaged in your own affairs; be employed in guiding the people; train the souls in the qualities and nature of Abdul-Baha, and convey the glad-tidings of the Kingdom of ABHA to the people. Do not seek rest during night and day and sit not tranquil for a minute. Bring these glad-tidings to the hearing of mankind with the utmost exertion, and accept every calamity and affliction in your love for God and reliance on Abdul-Baha. Endure the censure of enemies and bear the reproaches of the people of oppression with patience. Follow the example of Abdul-Baha and at every moment wish to offer yourselves in the path of the Beauty of ABHA. Shine ye like unto the sun and roar and move like unto the sea; impart life to mountain and desert like unto clouds, and similar to the vernal breeze, bestow freshness, grace and elegance on the trees of human temples.
1. Revealed in response to a supplication signed by 422 believers in America and sent July 4, 1905.   [ Back To Reference]