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Japan Will Turn Ablaze!

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  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Japan, 1992 revised edition
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Pages 39-40

[Tablet of October 15, 1920]

O thou who art seeking the Truth! (Mr. Sensui Saiki)
Thy letter has been received. Thou hast taken much pain in inventing the new Japanese writing. Thou hast rendered a service to the world of humanity—May God reward thee!
Today, however, there exist many kinds of writing. That which is most necessary and is assisted by divine confirmations is the propagation of the heavenly Call. It is this which energizes the world of existence. It is this which bestoweth life unto the dead souls, which refresheth the dried tree and ornamenteth it with leaves, blossoms and fruits. Concentrate all thine energy in this that thou mayest make heavenly progress, that thou mayest attain to the light of the Sun of Reality, that thou mayest become the cause that the dead body of Japan 40 may attain to heavenly life, may be endowed with solar illumination and like unto the moon and star it may shine forth.
This is important! Convey on my behalf the warmest Abhá greetings to all the friends one by one.
(October 15, 1920. Translated by Azizullah Bahadur)