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Japan Will Turn Ablaze!

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  • Various

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Japan, 1992 revised edition
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  • 113
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Pages 40-41

[Tablet of June 1, 1921]

O thou who art devoted to Truth! (Mr. Kenkichi Futakami)
In this divine garden, thousands of fresh and verdant trees have raised their tops to the Supreme Apex and on every tree there are thousands of nests. Therefore, for thee, who art a bird of high flight, a nest has been prepared. Then soar, that thou mayest attain to that nest. This is a divine nest in the Heavenly Kingdom. Every bird that attained to this nest learned a melody and also taught the birds of the meadows the divine harmony which moves and enraptures the East and the West. Do thou therefore strive with all thy heart and soul that thou mayest abide in this nest and thrive till eternity.
(June 1, 1921. Translated by Azizullah Bahadur)
[Photograph with the following caption:]
The first photo of a Bahá’í meeting taken in Japan. Miss Alexander is in the back row; Miss Martha Root is in front. Mr. Fukuta, the only other Bahá’í in the group is in the front left. Behind Mr. Fukuta is Miss Ichi Kamichika who helped Miss Alexander translate articles. Many years later she became prominent as one of the first women elected to the Japanese Diet (parliament). Taken in July 1915. 41