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High Endeavours: Messages to Alaska

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  • Various

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  • Alaska, 1976 edition
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  • 79
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Pages 53-54

(64) December 13, 1953

(64) December 13, 1953
Dear Bahá’í Sister:
Your letter of October 9th was duly received by the beloved Guardian, and he has asked me to acknowledge it on his behalf.
He very deeply appreciates the contribution which you have made in behalf of the Eskimos of Alaska. Receipt therefor is enclosed herewith. It is fitting that the Eskimos of Alaska be associated with the work of the Shrine of the Báb, and your having made this gift in their behalf is very appropriate, especially as you are endeavoring to work with the Eskimos in that country.
The Guardian feels that you should write to the American National Spiritual Assembly in detail concerning the problem of Groups, Assemblies, etc. outside of Fairbanks. Certainly some basis should be set up for the establishment of such Groups and Assemblies, and he feels sure that within the principles that have already been enunciated, the American National Spiritual Assembly can properly handle the matter.
At his direction I am sending a copy of this letter to the National Assembly, so that they will be informed of the matter when you write to them. 54
The Guardian greatly values your sacrificial and devoted services to the Faith. He is praying in your behalf. He likewise will pray for the friends in Alaska, and also for those who are being attracted to the Faith, particularly Mr. English, who is half Eskimo.
The Guardian was deeply appreciative of the spirit which animated you in preparing the tape recording of the Riḍván Feast held in the home of an Eskimo family in Fairbanks.
With warm Bahá’í greetings, I am
Faithfully yours,
Leroy Ioas
Assistant Secretary