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High Endeavours: Messages to Alaska

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  • Various

  • Source:
  • Alaska, 1976 edition
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  • 79
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Pages 54-55

(65) December 18, 1953

(65) December 18, 1953
Dear Bahá’í Friends:
Your loving communication of December 5th has been received by the beloved Guardian, and he has asked me to acknowledge it on his behalf.
The contribution which you have made to the Shrine of the Báb is greatly appreciated. Receipt is enclosed herewith.
The beloved Guardian is very happy because of the response of the friends throughout the world to the Ten Year Crusade. All of the virgin areas, with the exception of the Iron Curtain countries, are settled or assigned to pioneers. There are now over seventy of the virgin areas settled by pioneers, which bring the number of countries within the pale of the Faith to over two hundred.
The Guardian is now deeply concerned with the development of the Faith in the homelands. If the Faith is not developed and spread in the homelands, it will ultimately affect the success of the work in foreign lands. The Guardian therefore hopes that the believers who have not been able to go to foreign areas will, in accordance with the Master’s instructions, scatter to the goal cities in the homelands, and thus aid in the establishment of Spiritual Assemblies.
What is needed to achieve success in the teaching field is a complete dedication on the part of the individual, consecration to the glorious task of spreading the Faith, and the living of the Bahá’í life, because that creates the magnet for the Holy Spirit, and it is the Holy Spirit which quickens the new soul. Thus, the individual should be as a reed, through which the Holy Spirit may flow, to give new life to the seeking soul.
One should search out those who are receptive to the Faith, and then concentrate on those persons in their teaching. 55
The Bahá’ís in Alaska have a special responsibility, and that is to spread the Faith rapidly in that vast country. The success of the teaching work done by the Bahá’ís of Alaska will determine how soon a National Spiritual Assembly will be established in your country.
The beloved Guardian is praying for the success of your efforts. He sends his loving greetings to you.
With warm Bahá’í love,
Leroy Ioas
Assistant Secretary