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Letters from the Guardian to Australia and New Zealand

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • Australia, 1971 reprint
  • Pages:
  • 140
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Pages 25-26

Letter of March 30th, 1938

March 30th, 1938
Dear Miss Brooks,
The Guardian was indeed pleased to receive your letter of the 16th ins. informing him of Miss Dawe’s safe arrival in Australia, and of the receipt of the precious relic which he had asked her to present to your N.S.A. for preservation in your National Archives.
He wishes you to assure your fellow-members of his full approval of their suggestion to place this sacred relic in a little miniature frame case, and in such manner as to keep the paper containing it from becoming soiled and frayed with constant handling.
In connection with the article published in the October number of the “Herald of the South” entitled “Above the Mists”; the Guardian wishes the believers to disregard such subjects as psychic practices and phenomena, for these besides not being 26 authenticated by the Writings of the Founders of the Faith, pertain mostly to the domain of conjectures. The magazine of the “Herald of the South” should be devoted to the study and presentation of those subjects that reflect the spirit of the Teachings, and which as such are worthy of consideration by the believers. As the national organ of the Australian and New-Zealand friends its main function is to assist in disseminating the knowledge of the Cause, and thus develop into an effective teaching medium. This is the goal which the editors should have constantly in mind, and which they should endeavour to attain through the best possible means they can devise at present.
The Guardian wishes me in closing to express his thanks for sending him the reproductions of the Declaration of Trust certificate of your N.S.A., and for the reports of the Adelaide and Sydney assemblies, as well as the photograph and report of the Yerrinbool Summer-School.
With his loving greetings to you and to your fellow-members in the N.S.A.,
Yours ever in His Service,
H. Rabbani.
[From the Guardian:]
Dear and valued co-worker:
I am so touched by the repeated and compelling evidences of the magnificent spirit that animates my dearly-beloved co-workers in Australia and New-Zealand. The record of their manifold accomplishments warms my heart and cheers my spirit. The Beloved is truly pleased with them and the Almighty will surely bless and reinforce their high endeavours. May their highest and dearest hopes be fulfilled in His Service.