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The Light of Divine Guidance (Volume 1)

  • Author:
  • Shoghi Effendi

  • Source:
  • Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Germany (Bahá’í-Verlag), 1982 edition
  • Pages:
  • 311
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Pages 8-12

Letter of 19 January 1923

19 January 1923
The beloved of the Lord and the handmaids of the Merciful throughout Germany,
Care of the members of the National Spiritual Assembly.
My dearly-beloved friends!
Ever since I have resumed my work in the Holy Land I have been awaiting with eager and particular interest the detailed letters, individual as well as collective, of my loved 9 ones in Germany, who, I am sure are arduously, devotedly and efficiently carrying on the Great Work which the Master has destined for them in this world.
Much as I desire to correspond individually with every one of you, yet I find that in view of the marvellously rapid extension of the Movement all over the world to start and maintain individual correspondence with the vast and ever-increasing number of Bahá’ís in the East and the West would entail so much time and energy on my part as to prevent me from paying adequate attention to my other duties that are so urgent and vital in these days.
I shall therefore very regretfully and reluctantly have to content myself with direct correspondence with every Bahá’í group in each locality, be it a city or hamlet, keeping in constant touch with them directly and through their respective local assemblies and co-ordinating their spiritual efforts and activities through the National Spiritual Assembly (National Body), representative of all the believers and local assemblies throughout the land.
I am exceedingly anxious, as a preliminary to the faithful execution of this plan, to receive as soon as it is convenient an official, comprehensive and detailed report from the National Spiritual Assembly, stating accurately the actual standing of the Cause in Germany, describing the progress of the activities of the friends throughout that land and the adjoining countries such as Austria and Northern Switzerland, and setting forth the names, the numerical strength, the history, the needs and the activities of every locality throughout these regions, however small in size, where the Light of the Cause has so far been able to penetrate.
I hope by this measure to enter into direct and constant communication with every locality, however small it may 10 be, where a single friend or more is striving to teach the Cause and establish a Bahá’í centre.
It has been my great pleasure to read some of the letters addressed during the past months by the German friends to the Greatest Holy Leaf, and their perusal, I assure you, has filled me with intense satisfaction and made me still more confident of that glorious era of spiritual reawakening which the unseen Hand of our Master is sure to unfold to our eyes in the near future.
Your labours are unceasing, your effort knows no bounds, your devotion and selflessness are indeed worthy of the many blessings our Beloved has bestowed upon you and the Guidance of Bahá’u’lláh and His unfailing assistance will, I am certain, enable you to crown your ceaseless endeavours with glorious and well-deserved success.
In my hours of prayer and meditation, I remember you most tenderly and beseech every time I visit the Sacred Shrines a fresh outpouring of His Grace and Spirit upon your efforts for the spread and triumph of His Cause.
As I was the other day studying various Bahá’í documents I came across a most inspiring and encouraging message from our Beloved written in his own handwriting and bearing no date and sign as to the place and circumstances in which it was revealed. I enclose a copy of its translation together with various Bahá’í prayers and Tablets all of which I trust will be of great help and assistance to you in your work of service to the Cause. I submit them all to the members of the National Spiritual Assembly for translation into German and circulation among the friends.
I have asked a very experienced Persian teacher, by the name of Jináb-i-Avárih, who is at present in England, to pay a special visit to the various Bahá’í centres in Germany and endeavour with the hearty cooperation of every one of you 11 to arouse deep and widespread interest in the Movement throughout that land.
I am eagerly anxious to receive a copy of your Bahá’í organ which I trust you will be able to publish both in German and in English and which I hope will truly and fully describe the great effort which is now being made in those regions for the diffusion of the Bahá’í principles and teachings. With the introduction of an English section into your Bahá’í Magazine the number of its subscribers will I am sure greatly increase as the many friends in America, Great Britain, France, India and Egypt would be most pleased and grateful to gather from its columns the full news of the onward march of the Cause throughout Central Europe.
It would be a great encouragement to the friends in America and India if the German friends would through their respective assemblies subscribe to the two leading Bahá’í organs in the world, namely the Star of the West and the Bahá’í News, and contribute regularly reports of their own activities and submit for publication carefully written articles, sanctioned by the members of the National Spiritual Assembly, and bearing upon spiritual matters in general, that the East and the West may be closely linked together and the friends the world over may know of one anothers activities and services to the Cause.
The time is sure to come and the signs are already apparent, when the various and distant members of this great world community will find their activities co-ordinated, their purpose unified, their efforts re-inforced and the effect of their combined efforts manifest throughout the world. May the Power of Bahá’u’lláh breathe the dynamic spirit of Life into the combined and systematized efforts of the friends the world over and revive through 12 them the body of stricken humanity and give it the peace which it yearns for and which the world cannot give.
Your devoted brother